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Elegant and funcional

Light, balanced and easy to handle knife as every petty should be. Excellent sharpness retention. A beauty

Beautiful petty knife

Great purchase experience and great knife too, I asked if they can sharpen the knife for me and it came razor sharp.
The custom handle is very beautiful too

Stunning knife

Slightly heavy on pick up the knife is a delight to use. The finish in the blade is beautiful and is super sharp.

Amazing Stone for a Beginner like Me

The knife sharpening stone I recently purchased has proven to be a kitchen essential. It’s a compact, dual-grit (1000/6000) whetstone that delivers a razor-sharp edge to my knives every time.
This tool is not just a stone, but a gateway to enhanced efficiency and precision in the kitchen.
The 1000-grit side is perfect for reshaping or repairing chipped edges, while the 6000-grit side is ideal for fine honing, ensuring a polished and ultra-sharp edge. The stone is easy to use and comes with a non-slip plastic base for safety, which is a thoughtful touch.
The sharpening process is simple and effective, and the stone works well with a variety of knives. It’s also easy to clean, which is a bonus.
However, it does require a bit of maintenance, as it needs to be soaked in water before use. Also, beginners like me, might find it a bit challenging to get the right angle at first. The Knife Sharpening Guide Clip helps, but after sharpening 3 or 4 knifes, I've stop using it.
Overall, this sharpening stone delivers excellent value for its price. It’s a reliable tool that I would recommend to anyone looking to maintain their knives’ sharpness and longevity. It truly is a cut above the rest!


Knife was beautiful and neatly packaged! If you like fast delivery, order from SHARPEDGE!

The best knife

this is the best knife with i have. it's very lightness an the color oh the hand its beautiful blue

Excellent Knife

This knife has a really sharp and very durable blade. I can cut vegetables very easily, almost like cutting butter. The knife, in addition to being of excellent quality, is also very aesthetically pleasing. I asked support for a particular handle, they sent me photos and I was able to choose it, the customer service is really excellent. Thanks especially to Urban and the entire SharpEdge team!

Beautiful knife, fast delivery.

ZDP-189 NAKIRI BLACK 160MM (6.3")

Excellent, like my expectations!

Nice set, but…

Beautiful knives, great steel and overall metalwork. Great experience with the purchase, shipping and delivery. If it would a review for SharpEdge Shop - it would be 5 stars.
Here comes the “but”. Not sure if it was just a bad luck, but my expectations about sharpness and overall quality were higher. Petty Black was stumbling on paper and tomatoes like it’s a $20 knife from supermarket. I have video to prove.
And Bunka Black blade, even though it came a little sharper than Petty, it has a sideways play in the handle which is quite annoying.
Again maybe just a bad luck with a little troubled set from hundreds of the perfect ones. But I got this one and not the perfect others.

Dear Dmitriy,

We appreciate your kind review, glad to hear you like the service, but not so much that the sharpness of the petty and bunka disappointed you.

Usually we have really great experience with sharpness of the ZDP-189 knives, but since the knife is hand sharpened it may happen that the sharpness in not up to the expected level.

I will reach out to you via email and propose a solution. Apologies for extra hassle with your order.


Japanese pocket knife

Nice and handy EDC with iconic design and blade shape. Recommended to buy.


I was looking for a petty and my first option was a blue steel a something similar that gets a beautiful patina
But the specifications of this knife are so impressive and doesn’t defrauded me
Happy with it and you know paring knife’s an petties are always on your hands because they are so practical
I think I have received it in 24 hours. Impressive!!!!!

Best sharpening guide. I’m Tajiro owner

Nice and clean

Very nice and smooth :)

Simply great

Nothing bad to say about these wonderful knives.
The packaging is very careful and with a Japanese essence.
A very funny detail, the band-aid ;)

Great Quality

I bought it for a 18cm Santoku Knife and this is perfect. The quality is great and it looks very classy.
The delivery was quick and efficient !


I bought it for my husband, and he seems like a child in a candy shop! He was really surprised and happy about it! Excellent quality and fast shipping!

Camellia oil - Tsubaki 100ml
Latasha Asafo-Adjei
Very pleased with my purchase!

Bottle was full. Cleaned knife for the first placed two drops on each side of blade spread over blade and wiped off. No bad smell. Place knife in box and oil in cabinet too..

Exceeded expectations..

Great craftsmanship! Fit in my small hands nicely, very sharp out the box, great for hand peeling. I love it.

Love this set

The knife is even more elegant and beautiful when you actually hold it and I was shocked how sharp it is. Cuts paper like butter. Highly recommend it.

Love this board!

It’s extra thick, high quality wood. Just make sure to oil plenty it once you receive it so it keeps its color and doesn’t absorb water.

The board is big enough for all your needs and doesn’t move around at all. Worth every penny.

Not bad. But not brilliant either

Delivered mildly sharp. The glue is a bit messy by the handle. Cuts things reasonably well but does slip on things so after a week, it already needs sharpening to bring it up to scratch.

Dear Alex,

We appreciate your kind review, glad to hear you like the petty, but not so much that the sharpness of the bunka disappointed you.

Usually we have really great experience with (out of the box) sharpness of the ZDP-189 knives, but since the knife is handmade, it may happen that the sharpness in not up to the expected level.

I will reach out to you via email and proposed a solution.


Beautifully crafted knife

Ergonomic, light, razor sharp edge. I use it more than my bunka it's so versatile.

Best knife I've owned.

By a country mile! Beautifully crafted knife that is the perfect weight for me (I prefer something a bit lighter). It holds it's edge exceptionally well and is so versatile. The finish on the blade and handle is top drawer. This has made my prep jobs a breeze!

Knife Sharpening [service]
Floral admiration
Quality! I'm back in business!!

My knife is super sharp and super amazing! It's just like having an old friend back!!