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Wonderful service!

I received these tool in less than a few days, and the quality of the products are great!

Me again…

SharpEdgeShop (Urban) contacted me after i left the last review (see the one before). He offered me to take the knife back and give me a flawless one. I wanted to keep it and give it to somebody else, so they offered me a hefty discount on my next knife, i took the same one but with a custom handle. They also gave me a free wooden saya and took care of the delivery details. Urban is very kind and helpful, thank you. I got a fantastic knife to a very, very fair price. Thank you.

Always the best knives!!!

Literally my 7th knife brought by Sharp edge and I honestly couldn’t rate them enough! They are perfect and I love my set so much. So so sharp and the quality is top notch!! With I could give me that 5 stars!

noz je lijepi ali peta je previse izbocena i zna smetati ako nesto pokusavate ukrasiti.
Jos bi dodao ali neznam zasto prave tako debele drske,nije prvi noz na kojem sam to primijetio.

Hello Kristijan,

Thank you for taking the time to write us a review.

Since the Japanese use the heel of the knife for many tasks, they also want to make the heel of the petty knife usable. Since the petty blade is quite narrow, the only way to achieve this is to make it wider at the heel. However, there are some smiths who make their petty knives almost the same width throughout the blade.

Regarding the handle, we have some models that actually have an even larger handle for such a small blade. Tojiro makes them quite small/normal.


Extraordinary, and I Don’t Say it Lightly

This knife is a workhorse! I have to say, I was skeptical of the add-on handle—but holy cow was I wrong. It fits my hand like a glove and is super secure. The Tokyo Nights finish is also beautiful. Now…on to the blade…the sharpness is unparalleled, even sharper than my Mac-pro and my Misono chef knife. This knife does take an extra bit of care, but it isn’t anything crazy. I finish using it, give it a quick hand-wash, dry, and rub just a touch of oil on it before storing. Worth every penny. After four days of use, I ordered this smithy’s bunka with the coral reef handle. I’ll review it after a solid few weeks of use!

Japanese quality.

Japanese quality.
I want more.....

Certified quality

I got what I wanted. Quality.

Very beautiful crafted Knife, but…

it has a mayor flaw…the one who did the grinding and the finish didn‘t stay in the shinogi-line when putting the hazy grind on, it‘s one side only, says something about quality control. that bothers me. and also i thought, the whole knife is mirror polished, that is something i will do to this knife at another time.

apart from that the blade is a bit to thick behind the edge, so thinning is on the menue. it‘s different than i thought it is.

and something sharp edge is not responsible for: dhl messed up the delivery.

Hey Frank,

Urban from SharpEdge here, thak you so much for taking the time and writing us a review! Such reveiews help us improve our service for all further orders.

In your case there was a major mistake with the shipping of your order. We actually send you a ZDP-189 bunka black (with kuro-uchi patteren) instead of polished (silver version). I sincerely appologise for the mistake! That is why the looks of the knife dont feel right.

I will reach out to you via private email to arrange the return and shiping of the new knife.

All the best,

Looks are important also.

Was searching for another Petty to go with one I already had (170mm)but a little smaller. Just by chance I wandered into Sharp Edge and came across the Custom Morado Petty 135mm with the Kurouchi finish and the Sunset handle........wow, kinda like seeing a very pretty woman on the street......it got my attention and it was Blue 2 Steel.

No questions asked, just buy it and the performance is equal to the looks. Although it's on the very end of my mag stand, it still draws more attention than any of the other Japanese knives.

Set Tojiro Basic

Very good for the price.

Great knife

I hadn't seen an in-depth review of these, so I was hesitant to get one, but it's a fantastic knife.

First, it comes very sharp. Could cut paper towels out of the box.

Ok, this is a very tall blade, but that's part of the appeal. It has a nice and thin tip and is thin behind the edge. It has a nice convex grind that is obviously geared towards performance. It is an EXCELLENT cutter and has good food release. This is a truly great blade.

Yoshida's heat treat is in a class of its own with Hap 40. I collect gyutos and this knifes performance is up there with the best.

Great knives in a decent price

Knives have nice finish almost as good as Nigara Hamono Knives, they look very good and are great when cutting soft vegetables, meat (with bunka) garlic and other small things with petty. They came nicely sharpened but sharpness for sure can be further improved as with 100% other Japanese knives that came from any shop :)

...made few pics that this knives for sure deserve :)

i like this knife so much. very sharp and nice looking

i love this knife. extremely sharp and easy to handle

quite big knife but very good to work with

extremely sharp

Very nice knife. Fast delivery

Naniwa Sharpening Stone - #3000 [Professional Stone series]

Fantastic product, fast delivery, professional seller!

Naniwa Flattening Stone for Whetstones (large) - #220

Fantastic product, fast delivery, professional seller!

ZDP-189 Burja - Prosciutto Knife 300mm (11.8")

Fantastic product, fast delivery, professional seller!

To fast to good

Good product, good service!

MAC Nakiri 165mm (6.5")
Sean Carpenter
great gift

Gave it to my Daughter, her first well made knife, she loves it. Once you use a good knife you can never go back to the old knives mom had.

Razor sharp

Razor sharp out of the box. Very nice knife. I like the weight of it, A little heavier than my other small knives.

Lools 10/10 but sharpness didn‘t meet expectations yet

No doubt this knife is very well-made & I donkot regret the purchase. Regarding its sharpness I was a little surprised since i expected it to be sharper.
The resistance while cutting denser foods was noticeably higher compared to my cheapy Kiwi Nakiri or a common VG-Max Santoku. Since I don’t sharpen knives by myself, I opted for the ZDP-189 steel. Therefore, it should be sharp to beginn with. I‘m a bit hesitant to let my brand new knife already be sharpened..

The knife is definitely an excellent choice due to its superior quality and noted performance. Its sharpness and durability are outstanding, and shipping was also efficient and prompt