Makiri Hocho Hammer 135mm (5.3")
Makiri Hocho Hammer 135mm (5.3")
Makiri Hocho Hammer 135mm (5.3")
Makiri Hocho Hammer 135mm (5.3")
Makiri Hocho Hammer 135mm (5.3")
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Makiri Hocho Hammer 135mm (5.3")

Makiri is a multi-purpose Japanese outdoor knife, used for various tasks by any outdoor enthusiast. It is also a preferred knife of professional barmen who use it to carve out ice blocks for whiskey and other drinks.

Traditionally it was made for Japanese fishermen who use it to cut up fish, ropes and etc. The Makiri will handle all utility tasks on deck and ashore. A traditional single bevel blade is forged in high-carbon Shirogami #2 white steel. The hardness of the blade is approximately 61-62 HRC and it is designed for a more demanding user who knows how to handle and maintain it, as it will develop a patina.

The Makiri's saya (knife sheath) is hand-shaped from a single piece of magnolia wood, which is the optimal choice for protecting a high-carbon steel blade.


Blade shape: Makiri
Steel type: Shirogami #2
Hardness (HRC scale): 61-62
Overall length: 265mm (10.4")
Blade length:
135mm (5.3")
Blade height:
28mm (1.1")
Spine thickness: 2.7mm (0.11")
Weight: 140g (4.9 oz)
Handle length: 110mm (4.3")
Handle type / wood:
Japanese / Magnolia
Blacksmith: Ikeuchi Hamono


Use & Care:

  • Handwash in warm water and towel dry
  • Use a sharpening stone (not a honing steel!) to sharpen your knife
  • Do not cut frozen foods and meat bones
  • Do not put the knife in a dishwasher
  • Read our comprehensive guide on proper Maintenance of Kitchen Knives.

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