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Great stuff

First look at the "Newer" basic knife sharpening video. WOW! Great look. You got the "Look" of state-of-the-art video going on.
Bravo to your original creativity and your whole Sharp Edge team! Looks like Luka has an excellent T-Shirt collection. More appreciation.
I am designing an instructional offering that teaches sharpening.
A huge note of appreciation to your core-knowledge to pass on to new sharpeners.
We can hope that the next generation of young, passionate Chef's want to learn about the integrity of their tools.
And that their understanding of sharpness will always reveal the accuracy of their skills.

Workhorse - I could not be more pleased.

Two weeks after its purchase the knife gets a 7 star review.
The first 5 stars go the knife itself. At 27 cm it is perfectly designed for prep in volumes. Its length performs cuts in proteins with a single slice. It tapers beautifully from the spine to the very thin edge, and from heel to tip; the cuts are clean. It slices.
1/3 of the edge from the heel of the blade is flat. The balance is wonderful. It chops.
Lovely curvature of the blade from 'flat' to tip. It rocks.
The geometry is neither nose up nor down; it follows a hybrid Sabatier design, making the tip useful.
Aogami #2 Blue Paper steel (Hitachi Steel) takes an edge and holds it, mostly because its hardness allows for a much smaller burr at sharpening and through usage. The Sanmai construction jackets the high carbon hard steel core with layers of softer more corrosion-resistant steel. Out of the box I sharpened it up to 8000 in stages. The edge takes a superb polish.
After two weeks of use I know that this is an outstanding tool for serious cooks. Especially at this price.
Star #6 - Competence: This knife was bought on site at the showroom in Lubljana (we made a trip of it). I visited on a Monday morning without an appointment, accompanied by my favorite person. The reception was warm. We were met with hospitality, patience, and above all, competence. They know knives and love what they do. They know cooks and what they do. They listen. My purchase was well informed.
Star #7 - Service : I asked for modifications (softening of the spine and tang edges, tapering of the handle). Sharp Edge was kind enough to perform them on the spot, efficiently, and exactly as I wished.
In short, I am gaga over the knife, and could not be more pleased with Sharp Edge's service. Thanks guys, see you again next year!

one cool gyuto

love the design it became my go to knife . super sharp HAP40 is amazing!
this thing can cut gods!

Nice blade!

This is a very beautiful blade, if you like a “shiny one”
Although it is beautiful, it has some spots (see picture) but overall I recommend buying this blade, if you want to have a nice and affordable knife blade and make your own handle!
Communication with the store, was a great experience, quick reply and very friendly!
Shipping to Denmark took under 24 hours.
All in all, I recommend buying from sharp edge shop!

good litle knife

light and sharp. Good knife.

Fantastic Knife

This is the best Santoku I have ever used, nice to hold and use.

Perfect blade

Light, sharp like razor, well finished and elegant. This is really a perfect knife.
Tnks Sharp edge.

Kouhei-Shinmatsu ZDO-189 Bunka Black 200mm (7,9)

Very good knive 👍

Good Saya. A couple of issues, though

I was looking for a 165mm santoku Saya, but there wasn’t and option. When I read the description it stated that the Saya could fit santokus from 150-190mm so I had bought it. I didn’t realize it would be as loose as it is, as the Saya has a lot of wiggle room. While I do think it is beautiful, I do worry about how loosely it fits and possibly hit or unintentionally damaging the blade.

Thanks for your review, Greg. Indeed, our saya has a slightly looser fit on smaller blades. I tried it on a few of the 165mm santokus we have in our shop, and there is a small wiggle, but nothing out of the ordinary. There should be a slightly loose fit on wooden sayas, otherwise the blade hits the edge of the saya every time you insert the blade or pull it out. This will dull the blade, so the looser fit is there by design.

If you can send us a video of how loose it is, it will be easier for us to help you out. In the end, it all comes down to the width of the blade on your santoku. It could be you have a narrower model or have a used knife that's been sharpened a few times which would make the blade narrower and thus a looser fit.


Molto bene!!

Coltello molto efficiente, taglia netto e pulito.
È anche bello e da soddisfazione quando lo si usa.
Servizio e consegna al top.

Furaibo Kamagata Usuba

What an aswesome knife this is. It's an incredible piece of work, and an incredible workorse, of a knife.
First off, the customer service was extremely fast and helful. I wanted a specific handle, and the responses to my questions were all on point and fast. Even after the handle business was done, I recieved great support for the whole ordering process. It only took one and a half days to ship the knife, to a tiny litte town, in the French Alpes. Thank You, Urban.

So, the knife itself. Out of the box, the knife was immaculate. the sharpness was fantastic, it even had a good Koba, if I remember correctly.
No scratches, perfect polishes, and no sharp corners.

It's a heavy knife, but it is also a very big knife. But it is balanced very well, so You feel the weight, but it doesn't strain You, after long use. It feels very good to hold, sturdy and precise. Due to the size of the knife and the handle, it could become a bit harder to handle for someone, with smaller hands, but it is still doable. Medium to large hands can grip it very comfortably.

The looks are incredible. The migaki finish is wonderful to look at. And the handle is, of course, a marvel itself. But the most stunning thing, is the kasumi finish. The jigane has an almost brushed steel like finish applied to it. It has some texture. But the hagane is very smooth and polished to a shine. It looks very nice, and unusual. Every line is crisp and stands out. Every detail is planned and looks right. After the patina developes completely, I'm sure that it will look eveen better.
The kanji all look amazing as well. And they feel very smooth, so You can't get scratched.

I never used a Kamagata Usuba, I only have a Kakugata Usuba. So I was used to the general knife shape. But handling this new knife was still a bit weird at first. Since there isn't a litte "ramp" to scoop up things with, You have to use the back of the knife. But this also works fantasitc. The back is squared, but there aren't any corners, that could cut into Your board, or on which food gets stuck.
The tip of the knife is very sturdy, and allows for very precise work. Also, there is no problem, with cutting in an arc. The knife is suitable for the most delicate cuts. Since the blade is so large, You can easliy grip the blade itself, for maximum control on the tip. Every grip I used with the knife was easy to do, and comfortable.

I currently work in the French Alpes, for a small hotel. So there are a lot of vegetables to cut. And after a collective usage of about 35 hours, I only had to strop the knife once, to get it to perfect working sharpness again. I loaded a rough strop with some green rouge, gave the knife about 5 strops, and it was good to go. So the edge retention, after 35 hours of cutting stuff, was again, fantastic. The heat treatment is on point. And I cut a variety of diffrent vegs, also harder ones, to stress the knife a bit more. It could handle everything.

If I had to critize one thing, I would have wished for a polished choil. It would be just for the looks, because, even if the choil isn't polished, it is rounded enough, so that You don't get rough spot on Your fingers, even while holding the knife for a long time.
But then again, it is a wanderer, a vagabond. So maybe a bit of roughness is just part of it.

So, all in all, a wonderful knife. It looks amazing, is a real workhorse, and is very precise. I can recommend this knife very much. If You want a very beautiful, but minimalistic, workhorse for cutting a lot of vegs, that has amzing steel, this is a very good investment. It will last an eternity, and makes cutting things up fun, even at work.

zdp-189 silver santoku 180 mm

Nicely balanced (front heavy, perfect for pinch-grip), a sharp convex factory grind that I'll keep (a perfect grind for zdp in my opinion).
As expected with the steel type it has held it's edge really well. Slices through smaller objects with ease. Larger hard objects (like big carrots, sweet potatoes and such) split when the knife passes it's grind line due to the rather thick profile, will most likely thin it a little when it's time to sharpen it.
I cannot fault this knife, it's robust, straight has a good factory grind and a nice handle and has a very interesting steel type.


OK for the price

Nice one

Nice handle nice balance nice look and finish and sharp out of the box.

My onest Review

Beautifull construction
But ...
a) a bit unbalanced (not easy to find the right balance point due to the construction of the handle)
b) not exactly sharp out of the box.

Would i reccomend ? At this price point is a bit overpriced for the overall quality .

Tojiro Shirogami 2 piece Knife Set

Thanks for your reply Grega,
I will take your advice regarding plugging up the gaps between the handle and tang, I forgot to mention previously that the knives are very sharp and look beautiful.
They are a pleasure to use and i'm looking forward to seeing the patina develop over time.
Highly recommended.

Thank you John, very kind of you and Im glad to hear you like the performance of the knife! If you'll need any help, let us know. ✌️

Chef's Knife Bag

Knife bag, very spacious, it is durable

Tojiro Shirogami Knife Set 2 Piece Set

Fast delivery to NZ... The fit between the plastic ferrel and the wooden handle isn't the best, there is a "ridge" between the two of a couple of millimetre's and when I first washed the larger knife and tipped it vertically water ran out of the handle and down the blade. So am suspecting the carbon tang may well be rusting unseen inside the handle.

Hi John,
Thanks for your review! Glad to hear the knives were delivered fast to New Zealand.

All good points for the Tojiro's Shirogami series. It's Tojiro's entry-level line of knives and the weakest part of their line is indeed the handle, they fit the basic magnolia handle on them. This Shirogami line is a great and affordable way to get into the beautiful world of carbon steel knives, shirogami steel is the most traditional and the purest carbon steel out there. Hard steel, very easy to sharpen, but needs to be maintained regularly, otherwise it will quickly get rust spots, so your concern that the tang could start developing rust is valid. Magnolia handles are very popular and affordable in Japan, so it's quite common that after a year or so of use, the knife owner replaces the handle and inspects the tang at that time.

There's an easy and quick fix to prevent the water getting down the tang. Some blacksmiths do this when fitting a new handle, and I'd recommend doing the same with yours. Simply apply a bit of transparent superglue to the small gaps where the handle meets the blade. This will seal the gaps. And perhaps after a few years of use, you can think of installing a new handle. As said, the blade and the steel are one of the best for this price point, but the handle is indeed a weak point. Fitting a harder wood such as rosewood, walnut or one of our stabilized wood handles later on will improve the overall look and feel of the knife. I hope they will serve you well for many years, they perform very well. Just wash them and wipe them dry after every use, and oil them regularly. They get a really nice patina!

Grega from SharpEdge

Amazing knife, incredible service!

I can’t speak highly enough of Sharp Edge. This is the second knife I have purchased through the website. Service has been incredible and the knives are excellent! Highly recommend!!

Very impressed

My order was shipped from Europe to New Zealand in just 10 days, as was estimated upon purchase, with great communication throughout.

Very nice

The knife meets expectations, the ZDP 189 can be sharpened very well

Super consigliato

Spedizione velocissima e prodotti spettacolari


Great protection for an expebsive knife, but a little overpriced

£40 odd is a lot to get it over to England

Hi Renato,

Thanks for your review. Indeed, it's a pity that due to Brexit, UK customers now need to pay VAT and import charges when ordering something from the EU. Unfortunately this is out of our hands.. :/ I do hope that at least the sharpening set is doing its job. :) Cheers, Grega