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Perfect double handshake

The first handshake speaks to the the welcome we received at the new shop, a reflection of the ongoing kindness, professionalism, and support.
The second was given to me by the knife itself, on first contact. It was in the perfect finishing where the corian meets the tang, everywhere. It is also in the balance of this knife. You pinch it ever so slightly at te the very beginning of the blade, keep your grip light.... Hello!
It said it is designed for work. I have had it for a month now; it spoke the truth.
Yes, it's sharp out of the box, yadda yadda. Give it a little care on a whetstone, your own edge (mine is 60/40 at 8000 grit), and see how this workhorse responds. Amazing geometry, effortless.
Close your eyes and buy it..... and let the good people of Sharp Edge serve you. Your hand will thank you.
6 stars.

Great Knife! Saya too big…

This is the second knife I have purchased from sharpedgeshop. The knife arrived promptly and in perfect condition. The knife is beautifully made and definitely worth the price. The pattern is slightly lighter than pictured but still very eye catching (see picture below). I purchased the knife with a leather saya. The saya is very well made but is designed for an 8 inch knife and is a bit too big.

Hey Will,

thank you so much for taking the time to post your review. Since this santoku has a different bolster design, it doesn't fit in our wooden saya which would be the best choice. The leather saya or plastic blade protector is the only option. Because there are so many santoku designs, the saya is made slightly bigger to fit the majority of models. If you wish and the item is unused, you can return the saya and we will issue a refund.

I will reach out to you via email to let you know the specifics.

All the best,

Excellent Kit

If you’re into sharpening your own knives then you won’t go wrong with this kit. Perfect for beginners and intermediate level of sharpening. Would absolutely recommend Sharp Edge Shop. Great service, really fast delivery.

Tape, not screws

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ this knife holder is something I had been looking for ages. Your common magnetic knife holder is a semi metal one and requires a drill and screws to mount to a wall.
This one is something extra. It’s wooden which in itself is not that uncommon. Good material against the metal. But it also has a strong 3M tape covering the whole of the back side and that is one strong tape.
This means that you don’t have to break your wall with screw holes which is nice if it is made of tiles. You just peel the tape cover off, adjust the location and make it level and then softly but firmly press it against your chosen spot. That’s it, very easy and it works perfectly.

Great knife, fast delivery

The delivery was very fast and well packaged. Knife looks amazing, fit and finish is great and very sharp out of the box.

Very nice

It is my first usuba so I can't really compare with other similar knives, but I'm really happy with it.
It's very nice looking, even better than in the pictures. It sits confortably in your hand and the weight is well balanced. The blade is quite heavier than a regular chef knife so it took me some times to get used to it, but I immediately enjoyed using it.
Except for a little fruit knife, that is also my first japanese knife and I can know understand all the love people have for them.

Now, about Sharpedge itself: the shipping was faster than I expected, the package was well made (I can't see how the knife could have been damaged during transport). That was my first time doing business with them, but they are now in my favourites.

My knives were jealous watching :)


The weight balance is perfect and love the aesthetic of the handle


I have been using this knife for more than a year and is still very sharp.
It is very comfortable in the hand.
Love it


I’m not a chef but i love cook for my friend, family and this is one of the sharpest i’ve used…trust me, you won't regret it

Foarte fina si utila pentru protectia cutitelor.

Piatra de finisare

Practic dupa ascutirea pe aceasta piatra si slefuirea pe un strop din piele,cutitele taie ca briciul.


Este foarte utila pantru protejarea taisului cutitelor din oteluri de calitate.

Tsunehisa gyuto 240 mm,AS,tsushime

Un cutit foarte frumos si mai subtire decit in descriere (2 mm).Ascutit foarte bine,dar fiind un Aogami Super,s-a putut si mai bine,astfel ca acum taie si prosopul de hirtie.

Much nicer than the picture

The pictures although they are very detailed doesn't make justice how beautiful these knives are in reality. ZDP-189 is a very hard steel, meaning the knives will hold their edges pretty long. The profiles are pretty thin which I really liked. The shipping was very fast and the people from SharpEdge are very responsive and helpful.

Yoshida Hamono

Ultimate Badass knife! If you don't have any Hap-40 in your knife-roll,
this is the one to get. Huge knife. When I whip it out, all the veg on my cutting board
runs away and hides. Keeping mine by the front door in case the Zombies
find my Village.

Nice set of artwork

These are true to japanese tradition of find one thing and spend your life perfecting it. I have owned many knives in my lifetime but never have I owned knives as nice of a quality as these. The blades are razor sharp and hard as a rock they work very wonderfully. A lot of the knives you find online advertise that they are true Japanese metal but are truly just cheap softer metals that are not as durable these are the real deal. Thank You to the master blacksmith knife maker that developed and made these.

it's awesome!

That is one fantastic knife. Cutting performance is second to none and similar to zdp blades. Paired with the Okinawa handle is a thing of beauty, too. Would recommend it 100%. Customer support was great, too.


Razor sharp, and looks amazing! A beautiful knife

Flawless beauty

Fantastic, a well thought -out and precisely manufactured knife.

Only work horses are in my stable. This Usuba is now part of it!
For me, a knife gets its real beauty when it performs on or off the board, only looking good is not enough ;-)

The whole knife geometry and the basic sharping is perfect.
Very well balanced (on and off the board) with a wide blade road.
Everything is flawless processed, straight, nothing warped, great!

The edge is nail able for approx 1mm, continuous over the entire cutting edge. That makes me happy.
Katsuramuki, main purpose for me, works out of the box.

The wide blade road make fine cuts through higher cutting goods on the board easy.
With its blade-heavy weight the knife does the work. You just have to lead. Very very nice.

Basically sharpness is an individual thing not a quality feature in my opinion.
The edge is very sharp and thin, but not so extreme that you have to be afraid that the edge will chip.
A well chosen setting, you can start directly cutting without having to sharpen first and you are on the safe side for chipping.

The patina comes on pleasantly slowly. I am through several ranges of onions, peppers, tomatoes and apples.

I like the handle(s) too, for me the first time a stabilized wood, and that you can choose one.
Fit and finish at the same high level as the knife.

For this price you will hardly find a Usuba in this quality and especially with these shipping options.

I recommend it!

A flawless blade

I was looking for a slightly longer petty with a characterful blade. That's it.
I had a suitable handle in my stock.

I like Ginsanko in cases where you don't want to use high-carbon steel.

The blade has a nice kasumi like touch and it's processed perfectly.
Even finely grinded without deep grinding, see image below. Ready to go.

Very satisfied with this little helper

The plastic part is really well made. Easy to use, keeps the blade tight and protected.
Helpful when the knife bag is already full or you only want to carry one knife.

Example picture, even works with the big one. Blade length: 260mm, Blade height: 60mm

Very good for the price

This is my first Gyuto and i am very pleased how it handles vegetables and meat. Razor sharp straight out of the box, good looking and nicely balanced. Also had a nice experience with SE, easy to order and fast delivery.
Thanks guys, i’ll be back for sure!

Mid range knife

It does not have the best cutting and penetration capacity, but it is a good knife

Custom HAP-40 Bunka Black 190mm (7.5")
Jesús Arrabal Gutiérrez
Pretty good knife, untreated knife handle

Very good cut and penetration