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ZDP-189 Gyuto Black 210mm (8.3") - Blacksmith: Yoshida Hamono

This knife is incredible. It's different, it's lighter than other knives because it doesn't need weight for slicing, it maintains sharpness.
It arrived perfectly razor sharp, I am very happy, for me 5 stars!

Great knife

Great alternative to the usual
Chefs Knife. Extremely sharp
out of the box. I look forward
to using it for a long time.
Beautiful blade and handle
and fine workmanship.

Servizio eccellente.

Ho comprato questo HONESUKI ed ho chiesto se si potesse afgilsre al 100% prima dell'invio, dopo una pronta e positiva risposta, ho ricevuto un coltello affilato come un rasoi. Avete guadagnato un Nuovo cliente

Ottima descrizione , ottima sodisfazione

Il Bunka che ho comprato rispecchia pienamente la descrizione e le prestazioni promesse da essa. Sono sodisfatyo al 100%

Ottimo servizio

Ottimo servizio, spedizione velocissima, il mio ordine é arrivato in Svizzera in soli 3 giorni, ottimo e sicuro imballaggio. Sodisfatto


Received knife without incident. Fast delivery. Bought this as a treat for myself. Knife was everything I dreamed of and more. Sharp out of the box with some heft to it just the way I like my knives to be.

Fast delivery and well packaged. nice knife to cut pasta/noodles with.

Buena elección

Ideal para afilar los cuchillos para rebajar el cuero. Una buena compra.


This is the second knife I purchase in this store. The sellers are very reliable and very kind, the communication with them is excellent. Regarding the knife, the knife meets all expectations and even more. The knife is light and you can maneuver it easily. The knife is very sharp and maintains its sharpness for a long time. In fact, I have never sharpened it and I use it relatively frequently.


Great tool. Really comfortable to work with and light weight.

Navaja de bolsillo

Navaja de bolsillo para sentirte como un auténtico samurai del siglo 21

Furaibo kakugata usuba

Simplemente espectacular cuchillo, lo recomiendo 100%

Great knife!

I love this shape, finaly kirituke with moderate height is the best for me. The maniabiliy is awesome, at start I was afraid with the length, before I was only using Bunka 190mm, but now, I can't cook without this versatile and awesome knife.

The steel is the perfect compromise with hrc, stainless and easy sharp.

Super protection for my kiritsuke

I bought recently a Kiritsuke on Sharp Edge shop a custom Hokyama Kiritsuke Ginsanko 210MM (8.3") and I needed a useful protection. I found it with this leather saya. I hightly recommanded this for your precious knives.

Great leather saya nakiri

For my Nakiri, I was searched a good saya and I found it with Sharpedge! My Mcusta Aogami Super is under a very good protection, I like it so much!

Very nice!

I use this one with my ZDP-189 PETTY BLACK 135MM (5.3") very useful to take with me. The blade is protected and secured.

King 800 XXL

Best roughing stone I used so far. Allows permasoak, cuts quickly, forms great mud, very affordable, it is however on the slightly softer side. But that's exactly why XXL is a perfect size for this kind of stone. Home users should consider getting a smaller stone.

Needs Design Upgrade

This is a very handsome sheath. However it is not designed for wider Nakiris. When I tried several of mine in it the blade edge cut through the string on the leather. It started to fall apart,and I had to epoxy the edge of the leather. It’s fine now,but I have to keep a narrower blade in it. The design should be upgraded with a leather piece to protect the string from the sharp edge. It’s now missing half the string on the sheath. Otherwise it works .

Hey M.W.! Thanks for sharing this info!

It is hard to make a saya that will fit all the knives on the market. We try our best to fit most of the nakiris form our offer but you are correct wider nakiris fit very tightly or dont fit at all. Height limit is around 53/54 mm. Depends also on the shape/profile of the tip of the nakiri.

We mark which nakiris fit in this leather saya, just so there is no confusion. I can see that you purchased it for a nakiri that you already own. I completely understand that that can be hard to purchase the perfect fit online. Let us know what you think would be an improvement. Just a wider model? Or also change in profile?



My first knife with ZDP-189 steel, using since 2019. 5 years of happiness and sharpeness. The only difficult it how to sharp this steel, but with diamond stone it's so easy.

I recommand this knife, with the bunka style it's very versatile.

Just amazing

I'm using this knife since early 2021, it's a dream come true, the sharpness and maniability are awesome. It's a very good investment with a very good quality / cost.

Good Service

The Handle was fitted snug and straight and sealed neat. Very good service to a pretty low cost. Thanks.

Very beautiful Handle

Very nice finished handle. Made the Zdp-Bunka 190mm Silver even more special.

Wonderful service!

I received these tool in less than a few days, and the quality of the products are great!

Me again…

SharpEdgeShop (Urban) contacted me after i left the last review (see the one before). He offered me to take the knife back and give me a flawless one. I wanted to keep it and give it to somebody else, so they offered me a hefty discount on my next knife, i took the same one but with a custom handle. They also gave me a free wooden saya and took care of the delivery details. Urban is very kind and helpful, thank you. I got a fantastic knife to a very, very fair price. Thank you.

Always the best knives!!!

Literally my 7th knife brought by Sharp edge and I honestly couldn’t rate them enough! They are perfect and I love my set so much. So so sharp and the quality is top notch!! With I could give me that 5 stars!