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Knife is our most basic and commonly used tool in the kitchen. Right size and type, correct steel, good handle, and fine sharpness will transform the knife in an extension of your arm. Japanese chefs will say that with a good knife one can achieve Jinba Ittai 人馬一体, literally meaning "person [and] horse [as] one body". A true connection and compliance of your arm and your knife. Bigger focus on food equals better food.



SharpEdge is a destination with a selection of high-performance blades. We strive to educate food enthusiasts and serious chefs on the importance of a sharp kitchen knife, and its impact on the taste of the food we prepare. We won't stop until everyone wielding knives in their kitchen will achieve their own personal Jinba Itai! You will find a great deal of information in our Learning center.


Our journey into the mystical world of Japanese knives started about 10 years ago when our founder Luka wanted to have a serious knife for his kitchen experiments. Not having found one in Slovenia, Luka ordered his first knife from Japan – Gyuto style, 240mm (9.5") in length. 

"There is a special moment when your first Japanese knife gets delivered to your front door, you open the box, eager to cut everything there is in your fridge, and the knife performs with such ease and elegance. It was love at first sight!" - Luka, Founder of SharpEdge

As I was hosting a group of aspiring young chefs in our Ljubljana, Slovenia-based store, one of them asked me a question that made me think.

»How did I start working with Japanese knives?«

It certainly wasn't a conscious decision, more like a serendipitous turn of events that got me to a place I never knew I wanted to be. Coming from a random background of student turned sport climber turned high-rise builder I stumbled upon the world of high-end Japanese knives when I moved into my first apartment and decided that with this new-found adult life came a quality kitchen knife. I bought one online from Japan and it got considerable attention from friends and family, all asking me to buy one for them as well. The thought about importing Japanese knives to Slovenia started gathering momentum when discussing this with a friend and him agreeing to help me design an internet page and what is now my brand OsterRob (Slovene for SharpEdge). As with every business it then took a lot of work with hardly any noticeable results, before two years down the road things started slowly moving along. The first few purchases were made by family, friends, then friends of friends and after a while, the word spread to others. I started collaborating with professional chefs, who were interested in trying our knives, I got in touch with bloggers and enthusiastic home cooks, all the while educating myself on technical aspects of steel used in Japanese knives and the importance of sharpness of the blade in food preparation. By visiting Europe's top culinary fairs I was able to get catalogs and samples of knives and perhaps most importantly I was able to get acquainted with the blacksmiths whose work I wanted to feature in my store.

What began as a joke in 2010 is now a business with a young and dedicated team. We represent a lot of manufacturers in a brick and mortar and three online shops, offer knife maintenance services as well as several classes on making sushi and sharpening knives. We keep striving to further our knowledge on this subject, which we will continue to share with our followers and all culinary enthusiasts. The future looks sharp!


OsterRob, SharpEdge and OštarRub brands are web stores, while the first one is also the name of a well-stocked showroom based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We offer anything from high-quality Japanese kitchen knives, cutting boards, knife magnets, and knife rolls. A professional and amateur chef's paradise. Also on offer are a variety of classes, such as sushi, knife sharpening, and fish preparation class. We strive to further our knowledge on all things knife-related daily and are happy to pass it along to our customers. Our customers can also take advantage of both on-site and online sharpening service of Japanese and other knives.

We constantly update our website with new, high-quality knives and accessories, and add new articles to our Learning center to bring the mystical Japanese culture of blades and steel closer to your kitchen. Hope you will enjoy it!

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Meet the team

Different characters, different backgrounds, but connected with the same passion. Passion for great Japanese kitchen knives.

SharpEdge team


Founder & Master Sharpener
Favorite knife:
Tojiro Gyuto Atelier VG-10 White 240mm


Operations & Accounting
Favorite knife:
Custom Hokiyama Kiritsuke Ginsanko 210mm


Marketing & Customer Support
Favorite knife:
Harukaze Gyuto Cherry 210mm


Website Management & Marketing
Favorite knife:
Kato Yuki Gyuto 210mm


Graphic Design & Social Media
Favorite knife:
Saji Gyuto Wa Rainbow Damascus 210mm


Master Sharpener & In-store Support
Favorite knife:
Mcusta Slicer Damascus Classic D 270mm


Customer Support
Favorite knife:
ZDP-189 Santoku Black 180mm


Customer Support
Favorite knife:
Tanaka Hakata Bunka Ginsanko Nashiji 190mm


Business Development
Favorite knife:
Kouhei-Shinmatsu ZDP-189 Bunka Silver 200mm


Packaging & Shipping
Favorite knife:
Kumokage Nakiri Aogami #2 Kuro-uchi Damascus 165mm


Favorite knife:
Harukaze VG-1 Gyuto 210mm


Packaging & Shipping
Favorite knife:
Kawamura Aoki Warikomi Santoku 165mm


Customer Support
Favorite knife:
Shirasagi Tsuchime Sakimaru Yanagi 300mm


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