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When we talk about our cooking experience knife is our most basic and commonly used tool. Right size and type, correct steel, good handle and fine sharpness will transform the knife in an extension of your arm. Japanese chefs will say that with a good knife one can achieve Jinba Ittai 人馬一体, literally meaning "person [and] horse [as] one body". A true connection and compliance of your arm and your knife. Bigger focus on food equals better food.
SharpEdge is a destination with the best high performance blades. We strive to educate food enthusiasts and serious chefs on the importance of a sharp kitchen knife, and its impact on the taste of the food we prepare. We won't stop until everyone wielding knives in their kitchen will achieve their own personal Jinba Itai! You'll find a great deal of information in our Learning center.

At SharpEdge we only sell knives we believe in, knives with a true story, knives we use daily in our kitchens, knives we fell in love with.

Little bit of our history

Our journey into the mystical world of Japanese knives started about 10 years ago when our founder, Luka, wanted to have a serious knife for his kitchen experiments. Luka ordered his first knife from Japan – Gyuto style, 240mm (9.5") in length. There is a special moment when your first Japanese knife gets delivered to your front door, you open the box, eager to cut everything there is in your fridge, and the knife performs with such ease and elegance. It was a love at first sight for Luka. Not long after, more and more of Luka's friends wanted these high performance knives from the Land of the Rising Sun. It was clear that people were missing high-quality knives in their kitchen, so it didn't take too long before Luka decided to transform his passion and hobby into a more serious business. OsterRob (meaning SharpEdge in Slovenian) was born in 2010, catering to kitchen enthusiasts and professional chefs in Slovenia. Soon, Luka needed an extra pair of hands, and who could better fill those shoes (gloves?) than his younger sister Ana! They have been educating Slovenian kitchen enthusiasts ever since. Luka's friend Lucija joined in the fall of 2016 to help with the business and to create stunning pictures for our social media channels.

At our brick-and-mortar store in Ljubljana we not only sell Japanese kitchen knives and accessories, but we also organize knife sharpening and sushi classes. After countless of hours (and finger cuts) of educating our customers we decided it is time to share our knowledge and our selection of Japanese knives to other parts of the world. Luka and Ana's cousin Grega joined in summer of 2017 to create this webshop and help with online marketing.

We constantly update our website with new, high quality knives, and add new articles to our Learning center to bring the mystical Japanese culture of blades and steel closer to your kitchen. Hope you will enjoy it! 

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