Why is a Japanese Knife a Great Gift?

Blades and men have been strongly bound together throughout evolution. Other species had no need for sharp utensils since they were born with them. People, on the other hand, had to tame their environment by using the blades nature offered – rocks, trunks, horns, ebony, ... Finally, upon the discovery of iron, people managed to create one of the most important weapons and tools in general. Iron provided hardness and endurance for cutting and chopping. With the addition of carbon and chrome, materials of better quality were developed and made new, advantageous qualities possible – durability, flexibility, sharpness and rust resistance.

The use of blades made people's lives easier and helped us survive. In a way, the blade stands for progress and is a symbol of it – without it we could not shape objects or machines, and cut vegetables or fruit into particular shapes.

Today we cannot imagine any work done in the kitchen – be it home or professional – without proper tools. Cooking is no longer seen as only necessary labour of preparing food for the family, but as a fun and social activity. Those who are truly in love with cooking (and those who wish to be) insist on using the best tool.

Why should you give a kitchen knife as a present?

Because you want your loved ones to have less stress and more fun in the kitchen. Because you want to elevate this necessary part of their lives to a new, enjoyable and sophisticated level. You want them to enjoy finer shapes of ingredients and the better flavors they offer. But also because our knives are high-quality, handmade products and are a part of Japanese tradition.

To choose the most suitable knife for your loved ones, take some time to read our website. These articles will help you choose the right knife for them:

The unspoken rule of knife giving

Let us conclude by dispersing the superstition about knives, found in many cultures around the world. Superstition says that a pointy blade is not suitable as a gift as it used to represent a war declaration between kings.

However, if the kings traded with blades, then it symbolised an alliance between the two kingdoms. Therefore all one needs to do is simply offer a coin (any coin will do) along with the knife. The person receiving the present must return the coin as a sign of trade and therefore omit the superstition. Bad spells disappear and the recipient is left with a high quality knife that will last for a lifetime!

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