Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_1
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_2
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_3
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_4
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_5
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Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_7
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Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_1
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_2
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_3
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_4
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_5
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_6
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_7
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_8
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_9
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_10
Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")_11


Custom Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm (5.3")


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Morado Petty Kuro-uchi 135mm is basically a smaller version of a Gyuto knife (Chef's knife). Petty knives are intended for all those smaller tasks where larger knives are deemed unwieldy, both on and off the cutting board. A must-have knife in every kitchen, it can be used for peeling, mincing, paring and decorating food.

The core of this knife is Hitachi's Super Blue Steel (Aogami Super), which is the very top quality of traditional Japanese steels. The Kuro-uchi (black) patina on the upper part of the knife gives it a unique and rustic appearance. This knife was heat-treated to around 63 HRC. It is very hard steel, meaning that it will retain a super-fine sharpness for a long time. In addition, due to the high carbon content (1.4-1.5%), the knife is very easy to sharpen. Among the high carbon steels, Aogami Super is also the least sensitive to rust. It also contains 0.4% vanadium as an admixture for micronized metal grains, which gives the steel more toughness. Aogami Super is rated as the most advanced carbon steel. The outer layers are of softer, stainless steel, giving the knife extra rust protection.

Kuro-uchi finish, the unprocessed (black) part on the top side of the blade has already developed a dark patina, which protects the blade and gives it a traditional Japanese look. The knife bears visible impressions of the hand-forging process (round hammer dents on the blade), which gives it a beautiful finish and also prevents food from sticking to the blade.

We chose a universal, octagonal shape that comfortably fits the hands of both right- and left-hand users. It offers a firm grip for easy and comfortable use.

Handles are made of natural maple wood, which undergoes a special procedure of stabilization with resin. This ensures a long service life of the handle. During this process of stabilization, a color pigment is added which penetrates the wood in different ways, creating unique patterns. This makes every handle one-of-a-kind.

Hokiyama Hamono is a leading smithy in Kochi Prefecture in Japan. They have recently celebrated their 100-year anniversary, founded in 1919. Hokiyama Hamono is known for their quality as they follow the tradition of hand-made blades that has been around for over 800 years. They retain the handiwork and traditional craftsmanship that is passed down from generation to generation, while striving for ever-new knowledge and innovation. 

    Blade shape: Petty

    Steel type: Aogami Super

    Blade construction: San-mai / V-edge / Kasumi, kuro-uchi, tsuchime

    Hardness (HRC scale): 63

    Overall length: 265mm (10.4")

    Blade length: 135mm (5.3")

    Blade height: 27mm (1.1")

    Spine thickness: 2.0mm (0.1")

    Weight: 85g (3 oz)

    Handle length: 115mm (4.5")

    Handle type / wood: Japanese / Stabilized maple

    Kanji on the blade: /

    Blacksmith: Hokiyama

    Location of the smithy: TOSA / Kōchi Prefecture / Japan

    ☝️ Japanese kitchen knives in our store are handmade from natural materials. Slight variations in color, texture, weight and other dimensions are possible. We try to give a good photographic representation of our products, however computer screen resolution and colors do vary, so products might not look exactly as they are seen on screen.


    Knives made of traditional Japanese carbon steels can, due to their low chromium (Cr) content, discolor and develop patina. The knife is the most sensitive when it is still new and a patina had not developed yet, but later, patina will protect the blade. These types of knives require a touch more care:

    ✔ Wipe it regularly with a clean and dry cloth (you can also do this during use).
    ✔ After use, rinse it with lukewarm water and wipe it dry.
    ✔ Coat it regularly with knife maintenance oil or plain refined sunflower oil.
    ✔ Store the knife by wrapping it in paper which will absorb moisture and protect the blade.

    A patina is a thin layer that forms on the surface of oxidized steel and protects it from further oxidation. The patina should not be confused with rust. Patina protects the blade, while rust causes corrosion and deterioration of material, so it should be removed (see Rust erasers).

    → For in-depth information about patina, read our dedicated post on patina.


    Blade wear depends on the quality of steel, usage and maintenance of the blade. Japanese knives are made of high-quality steels. Follow these tips to keep your Japanese knife in top-notch shape:

    ✔ Use a wooden, plastic or rubber cutting board.
    ✔ After use, wash the knives and wipe them dry.
    ✔ Use a magnetic rack, knife blocks, or use protective knife sheath (saya).
    ✔ A good cutting technique is your best bet to prolong sharpness.
    ✔ Use sharpening stones to sharpen the knife.

    ❗️Don’t leave the knife in the sink. Wash it by hand.
    ❗️Don’t wash the knife in the dishwasher.
    ❗️Don’t use the knife on glass, ceramics, marble or steel surfaces.
    ❗️Don’t scrape the food off the cutting board with the edge of the blade. Use the spine of the knife instead.
    ❗️Knife is a tool intended for specific use - cutting food. It is not a can opener, screwdriver, trowel, wire cutter, hammer etc.

    → For more details, read our guide on Maintenance of Kitchen Knives.

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    We paired this blade with our traditional custom-made maple burl handles

    select your favorite

    → NIKKO MOSS remind us of the ancient moss covering the stone walls of the old temples of Nikko. It is not unlike holding a soft piece of velvet in your hand.⁠

    → TOTTORI SAND takes us on a walk across the Tottori dunes of western Japan⁠. A sandy brown color is inspired by the infinitely swirly sand dunes.

    → TOKYO NIGHT reminds us of the flashing lights of Tokyo’s Harajuku.⁠ The color of these handles varies from light to dark grey, with soft or deep hues of red and swirls of cream.

    → OKINAWA REEF transports you to the clear waters of Okinawa island. ⁠A soothing, emerald green color. It feels like immersing your hand in shimmering coastal waters during summer.

    → KYOTO SUNSET warms us with the glow of sunset over Kyoto. It feels like holding something smooth and warm in your hand – a glow in the sky at sunset or a burst of bright autumn color.

    If you like a particular color hue, please contact us before placing an order.

    Each knife comes with:

    ✔️ Instructions and knife care leaflet.
    ✔️ A preventive Band-Aid – the knives are very sharp! 😉
    ✔️ Original box from the blacksmith, which we wrap in an old Japanese newspaper sheet – so every knife is ready to be passed on as a gift as soon as it hits your doorstep!
    ✔️ We also offer a special gift wrapping option with the traditional Japanese washi paper.

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