Japanese handle - Tokyo Night [octagon]
Japanese handle - Tokyo Night [octagon]
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Japanese handle - Tokyo Night [octagon]

New SharpEdge stabwood handles in grey. ūüöďūüö¶ūüóĽ

Traditional Japanese handle with a modern twist in a dark color named Tokyo Night. The color of these handles varies from light to dark grey with soft or deep hues of red and swirls of cream. It feels like holding a slice of our galaxy in the palm of your hand!

We choose a universal, octagonal shape that comfortably fits the hands of both right- and left-hand users. It offers a firm grip for easy and comfortable use of the knife and makes even the most difficult tasks a breeze. The weight of the handle is suited to Japanese blades, so the knife will be evenly balanced.

Handles are made of natural maple wood harvested in North China, Russia and the USA. It undergoes a special procedure of stabilization with resin, which ensures a very long service life of the handle. During this process of stabilization, a color pigment is added and is then absorbed in the wood fibres. After the final treatment and polishing, the handle reveals the grain of the wood. For the handles, blocks of maple burl with irregular and non-uniform structure are used, thus the dyes penetrate the wood in different ways, creating unique patterns. This makes every handle one-of-a-kind.

Colors and patterns of handles may vary from what is seen in the pictures. If you like a particular color hue, please contact us before placing an order.

Available in three sizes:

  • Tokyo Night [octagon] LARGE¬†
    Length: 140mm (5.5") / Ferrule diameter: 18 x 23.5mm (0.7" x 0.9")
  • Tokyo Night [octagon] MEDIUM¬†
    Length: 128mm (5.0") / Ferrule diameter: 17.8 x 23.2mm (0.7" x 0.9")
  • Tokyo Night [octagon] SMALL¬†
    Length: 115 mm (4.5") / Ferrule diameter: 15 x 20.5 mm (0.59" x 0.8")

Japanese blades:

Check our selection of Japanese¬†blades without handles. This is your chance to put together a one-of-a-kind knife that is perfectly suited to your taste and needs.¬†Choose the option¬†HANDLE FITTING¬†when adding a handle to the cart if you want us to install the handle on the blade for you.¬† ūüĎá