SharpEdge "INTERMEDIATE" Sharpening Set


SharpEdge "INTERMEDIATE" Sharpening Set

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SharpEdge "Intermediate" Sharpening Set contains two single-sided SharpEdge stones: a lower granulation whetstone #400 and a finer combination whetstone of #2000 granulation. This sharpening set is suitable for sharpening any type of knives.

#400 grit whetstone is used for coarse sharpening of damaged knives (eg, broken tip, chips or nicks in the blade), or for totally blunt blades if your knives (god forbid) haven't been sharpened in ages. 😊 It can also be used as a general stone for knives made of softer steels (for those cheaper supermarket knives, as well as for some German knives of HRC hardness below 57).

#2000 grit whetstone is a great whetstone to use with knives that are made of softer steels. While it can be used to sharpen Japanese knives, we recommend using this stone for German knives, or knives made of softer steels (< 57 HRC). It can be used for general sharpening as well, but it will perform best as a final, polishing stone, especially in combination with #400 grit stone.

We included a Stone Holder in this set which will keep your stones from moving around. Adjustable Stone Holder is a great sharpening accessory for the efficient, safe and quick sharpening of your knives. Using a stone holder will prevent the stones from slipping and will ensure a comfortable and safe sharpening. Stone holder also lifts your stones from the working surface, so you get some extra clearance. It is especially useful when your stones become thinner - then the extra clearance will be even more appreciated. The Adjustable Stone Holder is waterproof and is suitable for stones of sizes from 150 - 220mm in length. 

Don't forget to attach the Guide clip on the blade, so it will keep the same angle (approx at 16°) during sharpening. A few strokes on each side of the knife on the #400 stone will remove enough steel since this stone is very abrasive, so you can very quickly move onto the #2000 grit sharpening stone. You should spend most of the time on the #2000 stone.

Once we get a burr on the finer stone, we finalize our sharpening process with the Leather strop, which will remove any remnants of the burr and give us the desired smooth, fine sharpness.

"Intermediatel" Sharpening Set includes:

Knife Sharpening Guide

If you are new to knife sharpening, then don't skip on our Beginner's Guide to Knife Sharpening. We cover all the basics and teach you how to properly sharpen a kitchen knife.

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