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Butchering Set [L.S.D Hankotsu + Diamond Honing Rod]

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not for vegetablesmeatnot for fish

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Special butchering set for professional and amateur butchers and all meat-lovers. L.S.D Hankotsu 145mm (5.7") is a Japanese boning knife that was made to be a workhorse, so we recommend it in combination with a diamond-coated honing rod so that we can adjust the sharpness regularly.

Read more about the L.S.D Hankotsu knife here.

Diamond-coated honing rod in 254mm (10.0") length is designed to quickly sharpen and realign the blade's sharpness. Granulation of the rod is #800, so it is suitable for Japanese knives made of softer steels (below 60 HRC, like this Hankotsu knife), as well as for German knives. Excellent for butchering knives were sharpness needs to be adjusted regularly.