[SET] Hokiyama Single Bevel Set [Deba + Yanagiba]
[SET] Hokiyama Single Bevel Set [Deba + Yanagiba]
[SET] Hokiyama Single Bevel Set [Deba + Yanagiba]
[SET] Hokiyama Single Bevel Set [Deba + Yanagiba]
[SET] Hokiyama Single Bevel Set [Deba + Yanagiba]
[SET] Hokiyama Single Bevel Set [Deba + Yanagiba]


[SET] Hokiyama Single Bevel Set [Deba + Yanagiba]

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With this Hokiyama knife set of two traditional Japanese knives, you are fully ready to prepare thin and delicious slices of sashimi. Deba will take care of the freshly caught fish - you will use deba to fillet your tuna, salmon or any other fish. Then you will grab the yanagiba slicer - with a single pull motion you will slice into fillets, making them into sashimi, which will be ready in no time to be served to your guests, either at your home evening party or in the restaurant you work at. Deba can also be used for deboning poultry, while yanagiba will serve you well for cutting steaks or salami.

More details and dimensions of each individual knife can be found here:

The heart of this knife is made of Hitachi's White steel 2, also named Shirogami 2 which was hardened to around 61-62 HRC. 

❗ Because Shirogami steel does not contain chromium, such a blade will develop some patina during use. The advantage of this steel, however, is that it has a very fine, gentle sharpness, is easy to sharpen and stays sharp for a very long time. Ballistol oil is recommended for the care of such blades.

🚩 The blade is protected by a thin anti-corrosion oil coating that protects it from rust and scratches before it gets into the hands of its owner. Therefore, wash the knife thoroughly before using it for the first time to remove this thin protection.

Hokiyama blacksmiths fitted a Japanese (Wa) handle with a buffalo horn ferrule. The handle is made of the most commonly used handle wood in traditional Japanese knives - magnolia wood. Magnolia wood is a soft, light-colored wood that needs some extra maintenance as it can stain easily, so we recommend having clean hands before using the knife. It is preferred wood of Japanese sushi chefs due to its antiseptic properties and it is easy and cheap to rehandle as there is an abundance of magnolia handles on the market.

Suitable for first-time buyers of a Japanese kitchen knife. It can also serve as a wonderful gift!

About Hokiyama:

Hokiyama Hamono is a leading smithy in Kochi Prefecture in Japan. They have recently celebrated their 100-year anniversary, founded in 1919. Hokiyama Hamono is known for their quality as they follow the tradition of hand-made blades that has been around for over 800 years. They retain the handiwork and traditional craftsmanship that is passed down from generation to generation while striving for the ever-new knowledge and innovation. Despite the fact that they make knives according to the traditional methods, they follow the modern technological guidelines in the field of metallurgy, material processing and innovations in production processes. Hokiyama, in their own words, is a fusion of tradition (土佐 一), innovation (無限) and practicality (左近).

Each knife in the smithy goes through about 50 different processes that are performed and controlled by experienced craftsmen. Among the various steps required to make a Hokiyama knife is a special process called Rolling-Forging. It enables the efficient and uniform production of knives while maintaining the properties and qualities of Japanese steel.

Use & Care:

  • Handwash in warm water and towel dry
  • Use a sharpening stone (not a honing steel!) to sharpen your knife
  • Do not cut frozen foods and meat bones
  • Do not put the knife in a dishwasher
  • Read our comprehensive guide on proper Maintenance of Kitchen Knives.

Still doubting which type of Japanese knife should best fit your needs? We created a quick, 5-steps quiz to help you find the perfect knife based on your cooking skills and the type of food you prepare.

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