Tojiro Boning DP Pro 180mm (7.1")


Tojiro Boning DP Pro 180mm (7.1")


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Tojiro Boning DP Pro 180mm (7.1"), as its name suggests, is used for separating bones from meat, deboning poultry and filleting fish. The pointed tip lends itself perfectly for precise work around the bones. Tojiro’s 18cm butchering knife comes with a handle made from synthetic materials that enable a firm, either classic or reverse grip with wet and greasy hands. The rounded heel of the blade will prevent potential injury if your hand slips towards the blade.

The blade has a high polish finish (also called migaki) and is stripped off other finishing details in line with a minimalist and functional design of DP series. A subtle, wavy line is visible on the bottom part of the blade, marking the transition point between the hard core made of VG-10 steel and external, softer layers.

VG-10 (V stands for “vanadium”, G stands for “gold”, which means superior quality) is produced in Echizen, the second most known town for cutlery, only a two-hour drive from Seki. It is produced by Takefu Special Steel Company, a relatively small company that 60 years ago managed to strike the right balance between various elements that today constitute the most widespread Japanese steel. VG-10 is a stainless steel with a relatively high content (1%) of carbon (C), 15% of chromium (Cr), 1% molybdenum (Mo), 0.3% vanadium (V) and 1.5% cobalt (Co). The combination of Cr, Mo and V forms many hard carbides that make the steel resistant to abrasion, which in turn also means better edge retention. It is heat-treated to the hardness of 60-61 HRC.

Complemented by a classic Western handle (yo) with three metal rivets, the knife is a little on the heavy side but Tojiro made sure that it is perfectly balanced and ergonomically shaped. The black Micarta handle offers a safe, firm grip and prevents your hand slipping towards the blade, while the stainless-steel bolster provides a smooth transition between the handle and the blade.

This is a must-have knife for all lovers of steaks and fine chunks of meat.

About Tojiro:

Tojiro is one of the top 5 largest Japanese kitchen knife manufacturers, with headquarters in Niigata. They are renowned across Japan and internationally for their top-quality knives for a reasonable price. Tojiro's focus on advanced technologies, together with their insatiable dedication for constant improvements of their knives and materials, makes Tojiro's knives a must-have in any kitchen. The company is divided into two sections: Tojiro Factory and more recent Tojiro Atelier, the latter dedicated to producing elaborate custom-made knives. Visitors are welcome to visit both spaces and experience the knife manufacturing process (with all its sounds and smells) firsthand by observing the workflow from a raised catwalk. For more info on Tojiro and it's master blacksmith Tomoo Matsumura check the video below.


Blade shape: Boning
Steel type: VG-10
Hardness (HRC scale): 61
Overall length: 300mm (11.8")
Blade length:
180mm (7.1")
Blade height:
35mm (1.4")
Spine thickness: 2.5mm (0.10")
Weight: 160g (5.6 oz)
Handle length: 125m (4.9")
Handle type / wood:
Western / Black Micarta
Blacksmith: Tojiro


Use & Care:

  • Handwash in warm water and towel dry
  • Use a sharpening stone (not a honing steel!) to sharpen your knife
  • Do not cut frozen foods and meat bones
  • Do not put the knife in a dishwasher
  • Read our comprehensive guide on proper Maintenance of Kitchen Knives.

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