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SharpEdge Flattening Stone for Whetstones - #220

New SharpEdge Flattening Stone for Whetstones - #220.

Whetstones are worn unequally (depending on their use) and in time they become more and more hollow. Despite a good grinding technique a hollow stone is an inefficient tool, and in extreme cases can cause some damage to the blade of the knife.

Water stones should be properly maintained because they can become grooved or wear into a hollow during regular use. This is an often-overlooked step in sharpening, yet an essential one if you want to maintain the flatness of your stone. Before sharpening, you should always check if the stone you are going to use is flat. 

Flattening stone for whetstones does its job very well. After having it soaked in water we rub the whetstone against the flattening stone with circular movements until it becomes flat again. The granulation of #220 is suitable for #1000 to #12000 grit whetstones.

Dimensions: 180 × 60 ×25mm
Weight: 485g