Tamahagane Chef's Knife Bag /  holds 17 knives
Tamahagane Chef's Knife Bag /  holds 17 knives
€ 95.00

Tamahagane Chef's Knife Bag / holds 17 knives

Tamahagane knife bag is an excellent choice for professionals and home-cooking enthusiasts who want to have their knives ready in no time whenever occasion requires. 

It is quite large and can hold up to 17 kitchen knives and various cooking utensils. There are 9 separate pockets for larger kitchen knives and 8 separate pockets for smaller knives and other tools (tweezers, peelers, spatulas, thermometers etc.). The blades can be additionally protected by a strong safety mesh. The bag also features a larger, separate pocket that can be closed with a zip and used for storing any other tools you might need for work in the kitchen.

The bag is dark grey and made from strong and resistant material that you can easily clean with a wet cloth. It closes with two plastic buckles and, in addition to a sturdy carrying handle on top, it also features an adjustable nylon shoulder strap. 

Dimensions (L x W): 510 x 230mm (20.1" x 9.1")
Weight: 1900g (67 oz)

Use & Care (for Knife Roll):

  • Hand wash only
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach