SharpEdge Sharpening Stone - #1000/#3000
€ 43.00

SharpEdge Sharpening Stone - #1000/#3000

#1000/#3000 grit combination whetstone is used for general knife sharpening to put a new edge on a blunt knife (#1000 grit), as well as for the fine sharpening, polishing and removing the burr (#3000 grit). This is the most common combination stone that is used for general sharpening for Japanese and non-Japanese kitchen knives.

Due to years of experience with sharpening knives, we decided to introduce our own line of sharpening stones under our brand SharpEdge. These stones are suitable for beginners and intermediate sharpeners who need a reliable and affordable sharpening stone. There are better performing stones (less wear over time) in the market, but we find our stones offer a great price/performance ratio for those who are relatively new to knife sharpening. More experienced sharpeners will appreciate our collection of whetstones from Japanese manufacturer Naniwa.

The advantage of sharpening with a whetstone is that by using correct techniques we can achieve a remarkable sharpness of the blade, but it is necessary to learn the correct technique.

Our whetstones include a non-slip base stand for safer sharpening, preventing the stone from moving around.

Dimensions: 180 × 60 × 27mm