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SharpEdge Precision Set

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SharpEdge Precision Set is a handy collection of small kitchen accessories that will elevate your cooking to a new, restaurant-grade level. Suitable for home kitchen use, as well as in a professional environment. Great gift for a new, aspiring chef.

Plating Tweezers are super handy for serving and decorating food, designed to provide precise handling. Design the plate before you serve it, it makes a huge difference. Tweezers can also be used to flip meat and veggies on a BBQ or in a frying pan. Take out tortellini from the boiling water, or take spaghetti out to test if they already reached the desired al dente state. 

Fish Bone Tweezers will be your go-to tool to remove bones from fresh fish. Fillet your fish with deba or slicer knife, pluck out all the bones with the precise fish bone tweezers, and your fish is ready for cooking.

Small Scissors are spring-loaded and multi-purpose. In the kitchen they come in handy for cutting herbs for decoration or in your garden, opening your sous vide vacuum bags, cutting butcher's twine when you rolled your roast, as well as other precise cutting tasks. They are a must-have tool in your sewing kit, and you can use them to cut ribbons, gauze, paper, thread. Scissors can be disassembled and sharpened.

Precision Set includes:

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