Naniwa Combination Stone - #1000/#3000 [Super Stone series]_1


Naniwa Combination Stone - #1000/#3000 [Super Stone series]


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#1000/#3000 grit combination whetstone is used for general knife sharpening to put a new edge on a blunt knife (#1000 grit), as well as for the fine sharpening, polishing and removing the burr (#3000 grit). This is the most common combination stone that is used for general sharpening for Japanese and non-Japanese kitchen knives.

#1000 grit is used for general sharpening of carbon steel knives, as an in-between stone for stainless or powder steel knives, or as a final stone for softer steel knives (eg German knives). Sharpening stone with #3000 granulation is to be used for fine sharpening and removing the burr, or as a mid-step between #1000 and #8000 grit. This stone will leave a slightly toothy edge, so it is suitable for knives that will primarily cut vegetables, and for butcher's knives.

👉 Sharpening stone (whetstone) from Japanese producer Naniwa enables fast and efficient sharpening of Japanese knives. This is a splash-and-go stone, so it is not necessary to soak it before sharpening, just splash some water on the top side of the stone and start.

🚩 This whetstone does not include a non-slip base stand. If you don't have one, we recommend getting yourself a Stone Holder which will keep your stones from moving around. It will get on your nerves when the stone will move around your countertop during sharpening. And it's not the safest too. Wet kitchen towel can also work to put underneath the stone, but it will not keep your stone entirely fixed (and you'll end up with dirty kitchen towels).


Grit: #1000/#3000
Dimensions: 210 x 70 x 20mm
Stone series: Combination Stone
Model: S2-410/430


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