€ 114.00

Kitchen Tool Pack

Kitchen Tool Pack includes all the necessary tools & accessories that make life in your kitchen easier, get you to prepare your meals faster and in style.

Large peeler will help you peel firmer vegetables (potatoes, cabbage), fruits, hard cheese, and chocolate. Julienne peeler is your go-to tool when making stir-fry, garnishes, salad toppings, potato hash browns or citrus zest.

Fish bone tweezers are a must for removing bones out of ... yes, fish! Plating tweezers for the decoration, precise work, flipping your veggies and meat on the BBQ and for grabbing tortellini out of boiling water.

Last but not least, Kitchen Tool Pack includes small, multi-purpose, spring-loaded scissors. In the kitchen, they can be used for cutting herbs and other small items. Outside your kitchen, you can use them to cut ribbons, gauze, paper, thread, etc.

Kitchen Tool Pack includes: