King "SPECIALS" Sharpening Set
King "SPECIALS" Sharpening Set
King "SPECIALS" Sharpening Set
King "SPECIALS" Sharpening Set
King "SPECIALS" Sharpening Set
King "SPECIALS" Sharpening Set


King "SPECIALS" Sharpening Set

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This King Specials sharpening set features three sharpening stones that can handle the whole process of sharpening, from repairing chipped knives to achieving a very fine sharpness. It’s suitable mainly for more experienced sharpeners that might already have some equipment around, such as a stone holder, and only need to restock their sharpening stones.

In the set, we've included:

The set features a #220 grit stone suitable for repairing damaged blades or resharpening extremely dull blades, a large #800 grit stone suited for general sharpening and a finer, #6000 grit one for finer sharpening and burr removal.

A base is not included for #800 and #6000 grit stones, so we recommend placing them on a stone holder during sharpening.

Knife Sharpening Guide

If you are new to knife sharpening, then don't skip on our Beginner's Guide to Knife Sharpening. We cover all the basics and teach you how to properly sharpen a kitchen knife.

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