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Chef's Accessories Kit

Super handy accessories kit for any kitchen, professional or home. Bundle with 15% discount.

Swivel Peeler is a must have, and this one is Japanese, made of quality steel so it will remain sharp for a long time.

Plating Tweezers are used by many professional chefs, but they rarely find a way to our home kitchen. But they are so handy! Chefs will use them usually for food decorations, but at home, they can be used for BBQ-ing, flipping meat/veggies in a pan, or for grabbing a tortellini from boiling water to test if it is already al dente or not.

Herb scissors - these are spring loaded, which makes them much handier than the regular scissors. You can cut herbs and other small food on top of the plate to spice it up and decorate your masterpiece. Also used for snipping herbs and spices in your garden, or to cut gauze, paper, thread.