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Chef's Accessories Kit

Super handy accessories kit for any kitchen, professional or home.

Swivel Peeler is a must-have, and this one is Japanese, made of quality steel so it will remain sharp for a long time.

Plating Tweezers are used by many professional chefs, but they rarely find a way to our home kitchen. But they are so handy! Chefs will use them usually for food decorations, but at home, they can be used for BBQ-ing, flipping meat/veggies in a pan, or for grabbing tortellini from boiling water to test if it is already al dente or not.

Small scissors - these are spring-loaded, which makes them much handier than the regular scissors. Multi-purpose scissors used for cutting ribbons, gauze, paper, thread, etc. Scissors are sharp along the entire length of the blade, therefore enabling accurate cutting in hard to reach places.