Ballistol Knife Maintenance Oil 50ml


Ballistol Knife Maintenance Oil 50ml


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Ballistol Universal Oil is, according to our experience, the best oil to use for the maintenance of your Japanese knives, both for the blade and the wooden handle. It is important to oil the blade of the knife from time to time, especially for knives made of high-carbon steels (eg. Blue, White steels) since such knives will rust fast if not taken care of properly.

Ballistol oil is simply fantastic! It is completely biodegradable, skin-friendly and food-safe. The oil is made from natural substances, on the base of the herb Anise (hence the distinct odor) and it is completely safe for people and animals. Its use nor its natural decomposition will pollute the environment. Ballistol oil is widely used for gun care and knife maintenance, but it can be used for so many other tasks and surfaces - metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animal coat and many more.

Usage instructions:

  • For high-carbon steel knives we recommend applying Ballistol oil with a soft, clean cloth after every use to prevent rust and to protect the knife's surface.
  • For rust-resistant knives (steels like ZDP-189, R2, VG-10) we recommend applying Ballistol oil with a soft, clean cloth once or twice per month, depending on the usage.
  • Apply Ballistol oil once to twice per month to your wooden handle to protect the wood.

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