Wooden Knife Stand [8 knives]
€ 150.00

Wooden Knife Stand [8 knives]

We got the inspiration for our Wooden Knife Stand from the katana sword stands. Samurai had a special place to store and showcase their precious swords, and why not do the same with your precious kitchen swords? With our wooden knife stand, made of walnut wood, your knives will always get the spotlight they deserve.

Knife stand can carry up to 8 knives, 4 on each side. You will have your knives always at the tip of your hand, the blades will be protected from the busy drawer where they could only get damaged.

Knives on the photo of the knife stand (from top to bottom):


The gap between knife holders is 205mm (8.1"), so please note that knives shorter than 210mm in overall length (not blade length) will not fit on the knife stand.

Height: 425mm (16.7")
Width: 290mm (11.4")
Length (open): 250mm (9.8")
Length (closed): 87mm (3.4")
Weight: 1kg (2.2 lbs)