SharpEdge Dressing Stone - Nagura


SharpEdge Dressing Stone - Nagura


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Nagura is a smaller dressing stone, an important accessory when sharpening knives with whetstones. We recommend them for cleaning the stone and for creating a slurry, especially when using finer stones (> 3000).

Application: Soak the stone in water (10 min) and then clean the surface of the stone using circular motions. When creating a slurry use the same procedure. Round up the corners of the nagura, to avoid it sticking to the surface during the process.

Use: The slurry helps with polishing and thinning. Recommended for sharpening single-bevel knives. When polishing, the work will be evener and you will get the desired result faster. With stones of higher granulation, nagura is used to clean the stone, and to correct any small hollow or damages on the sharpening stone.

Grit: #500

Dimensions: 65x20x53mm (2.6"x0.8"x2.1")

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