New Chiba "Peel S" Turning Slicer_1
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New Chiba "Peel S" Turning Slicer_1
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New Chiba "Peel S" Turning Slicer


New Chiba "Peel S" Turning Slicer


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Mastering the art of any cuisine requires that we learn specific knife skills which allow us to achieve perfect results when making various recipes. The manner of chopping and cutting vegetables, fish and meat importantly affect the taste and texture of food, while the final visual presentation of food is, of course, essential. Japanese unique food culture involves a few very distinctive cutting techniques, among them also katsuramuki. It entails peeling large tuberous vegetables (such as daikon) in very long and thin strips which makes this skill one of the most challenging ones. If we tackle this technique with a knife (usually, a Usuba), it will require plenty of practice, patience and also time to achieve the desired results. The new Chiba "Peel S" Turning Slicer provides us with similar results in a snap, eliminating the need for investing many years in mastering this skill.

The Slicer has a blade with a straight and thin edge. When you rotate the handle, the blade will slide left and right, simulating the strokes of a sharp knife. Insert a piece of vegetable into the slicer, lift the blade and start turning the handle. In a matter of moments you will have perfect, evenly sliced, thin strips of daikon. The slicer can also be used for making thin noodles or strips from other types of vegetables, such as potato, beetroot, courgette and other hard vegetables.

*Bear in mind that the core of softer vegetables, like cucumber, is too soft.

  • Size:  300×240×165mm
  • Weight: 1.7kg
  • Max. diameter: 100mm
  • Max. width: 120mm
  • Strip thickness: approx. 0.5mm

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