€ 60.00

Naniwa Sharpening Stone - #6000 [Traditional Stone series]

Sharpening stone #6000 is suitable for Japanese and German kitchen knives, razors and carpentry tools. We use it for fine sharpening and removing the burr. For the next step we either recommend using the leather strop to give the blade the final polish, or use the stone as a mid-step between #1000 and #8000 grit. 

Sharpening stone (whetstone) from Japanese producer Naniwa enables fast and efficient sharpening of Japanese knives. The main difference between the Traditional and Sharpening/Super Stone series is the soaking time - we soak the Traditional line stones in water for about 20-30 minutes before sharpening. All their other series are splash-and-go stones.

For easier sharpening, we recommend purchasing a Stone Holder (Sink Bridge) to ensure mess-free and a stable position of the stone during sharpening.


Grit: #6000
Dimensions: 210 x 70 x 20mm
Stone series: Traditional Stone
Model: T-360

Knife Sharpening Guide

The advantage of sharpening with a whetstone is that by using the correct technique we can achieve a remarkable sharpness of the blade, the disadvantage, however, is that it is necessary to learn the correct technique. If you are new to knife sharpening, then don't skip on our Beginner's Guide to Knife Sharpening. We cover all the basics and teach you how to properly sharpen a kitchen knife.