Naniwa Lobster Carbon Stone - #120


Naniwa Lobster Carbon Stone - #120


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Naniwa #120 grit stone is used for coarse sharpening of damaged or totally blunt blades, as well as for thinning the blade. It can also work as a substitute for a Flattening stone. This stone is part of Naniwa's Lobster line of sharpening stones.

Naniwa whetstone enables fast and efficient sharpening of Japanese knives. Before sharpening, we soak the stone in water for approximately 10 minutes. The advantage of sharpening with a whetstone is that by using the correct techniques, we can achieve a remarkable sharpness of the blade. However, it is necessary to learn the correct technique.

For easier sharpening, we recommend purchasing a Stone Holder (Sink Bridge) to ensure mess-free and a stable position of the stone during sharpening.


Grit: #120
Dimensions: 205 x 50 x 25mm
Stone series: Lobster Carbon Stone
Model: HA-0430

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