€ 12.00

(My first) Senzo Peeler - Green

Senzo peeler is suitable for home use and will undoubtedly captivate all fans of Japanese style. It also doubles as a perfect first peeler for kids.
Its elegant looks, however, are not its only iron in the fire – it also boasts a very sharp and very precise rounded blade. Due to its thin and sharp blade, peeling will require little effort, reducing the fatigue in your hands and, at the same time, reducing the amount of waste. Excels at peeling firmer vegetables, fruit, hard cheese, and chocolate.
The handle is made from polypropylene, the blade of stainless steel.

❗ It is important (and also fun) to include your kids in preparing meals. In this way, they will learn the skills of cooking and preparing food early on, as well as start appreciating the vital importance of a good tool for the required job. The peeler features a sharp blade and can therefore be dangerous if used incorrectly. It should always be used under your watchful eye!