King Sharpening Stone - #220/#1000
King Sharpening Stone - #220/#1000
King Sharpening Stone - #220/#1000
King Sharpening Stone - #220/#1000


King Sharpening Stone - #220/#1000


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A combination sharpening stone from renowned Japanese whetstone manufacturer King is a great and affordable choice for novice and intermediate knife sharpeners. King's #220/#1000 grit combination stone should be paired with another stone of higher granulation (#3000-6000) if you intend on using it on your Japanese knives and want a high polished edge.

The #220 grit side is used for coarse sharpening of non-Japanese knives, or for damaged or totally blunt blades. #1000 grit is a most common, general sharpening granulation (to put a new edge on a blunt knife). If you need a slightly "toothier" edge, then finishing on a #1000 grit will suffice.

If we ranked King stones, we would give it an "Economy Plus" mark, compared to our SharpEdge "Economy" stones. The main difference lies in the manufacturing process. King stones are not just pressed into the shape, but also "baked". This reflects in less stone wear during sharpening (meaning they will last for a longer time), but it takes slightly more experience and patience with knife sharpening, as King stone will generate less slurry than the "Economy" stones.

King combination stone includes a non-slip base stand for safer sharpening, preventing the stone from moving around.

Dimensions: 185 × 63 × 25 mm (7.3" x 2.5" x 1.0")

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