Koyo "Green Rouge" Polishing Compound
€ 28.00

Koyo "Green Rouge" Polishing Compound

You will find a block of Koyo "Green Rouge" polishing compound in practically every knife smithy in Japan (and also in other tool-making facilities). Blacksmiths apply it to their buffing and polishing wheels to give a final polish to their precious knives.

For home use, we highly recommend applying this Koyo compound to your leather strop for the same reasons as Japanese blacksmiths do. It will help with removing the burr and adding a high polish to your newly sharpened edge. Simply rub this green block on the surface of your leather strop until the leather is slightly green in color.

Here's a short video from our Instagram on how to apply it to the leather strop: How to apply Koyo polishing compound

This half a kilo (19oz.) of Koyo compound will last for many years. Sharing is caring, so apply some to your sharpening buddy's leather strop too! 🤓