Make your own set of knives

Kotetsu line

Create a set of matching knives that you really need.

Until the end of March get up to 30% OFF on Kotetsu VG-10 Damascus line:

1 knife = -15%
2 knives = -20%
3 knives = -25%
4 knives = -30%

Discounts are automatically calculated in the cart based on the number of knives.

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Buy 3 or more Kotetsu knives
for a chance to win a
Boldric roll-up knife bag!

how to enter

  • If you purchase 3 or more Kotetsu knives, you automatically enter the Boldric knife bag giveaway.
  • This applies to all who complete their purchase by Sunday, 31 March 2024, end of day.
  • The lucky winner will be notified by e-mail on Tuesday, 2 April 2024.