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Hannya Engraving on the Blade [service]

In collaboration with the skilled tattoo artist Iva (@ivatattoo), who is also a big fan of Japanese motifs, we designed a Hannya drawing (as well as the Sakura design) that can be engraved on your knife. Simply add this engraving service to your cart together with the knife you would like to engrave.

🔪📷: The engraved knife on the product photo is ZDP-189 Bunka Silver 190mm (7.5").

It is also possible to create your own, customized design, pretty much like a tattoo artist would make one for you. To arrange this, please contact us via email at support@sharpedgeshop.com. If you already have a drawing/photo/text that you would like to engrave, please follow these instructions.

A little more about the Hannya story:

The image of Hannya conjures up the atmosphere of traditional Japanese theater, in which men used masks to transform into a variety of interesting characters. Hannya itself represents the souls of women who were taken over by jealousy so strong, it turned them into demons. From its beginnings, the motif has been identified with strong feelings of love, passion and jealousy. Today we see it in a more positive light and many Japanese wear Hannya in the form of tattoos or talismans. The name itself means wisdom, while the motif is supposed to keep one safe from misfortune, evil spirits and repeating bad experiences.

The most famous and played story, in which Hannya appears, speaks of the beautiful Kiyohime who fell in love with a monk. Unfortunately, he didn’t return her feelings, thus breaking her heart. She was overwhelmed by deep sorrow, anger and hatred so strong, they slowly started to transform her face, making it more and more demonic. When her beloved saw her at the temple one day, her demonic face scared him so much, he hid under the praying bell. Kiyohime succumbed to her rage, started breathing fire into the bell and melted it. By killing the monk, she sealed her destiny and completed her transformation into a demon.

☝️ Please note that engraved knives are not eligible for returns since they are a customized item.