Saya Santoku [knife sheath] - 190mm (7.5")
€ 22.00

Saya Santoku [knife sheath] - 190mm (7.5")

Saya, a wooden knife sheath protects the knife and its user from damages and injuries. It also keeps the knife sharp and makes it easier to carry around. Its wooden safety pin, which is attached to the body of the sheath by a string, prevents the knife from falling out. Saya is made of beech wood, a firm yet still soft enough wood, making it more durable and resistant than any leather sheath.

Handmade wooden Saya will fit on Santoku knives with dimensions of 150-190mm (5.9"-7.5") in length, up to 50mm (2.0") in width, and with a thickness at the spine of up to 3.5mm (0.14").

⚠️ The current stock of ZDP-189 Santoku Black knives does not fit on these sayas.

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