Sharpening Single Bevel Knives [VIDEO GUIDE]

(scroll down for video 👇)

Have you ever tried sharpening your own knives? Are you a novice or would you call yourself an experienced sharpener? You've probably already seen our Beginner's Guide to Knife Sharpening, but now there's an advanced tutorial to guide you through the world of single bevel knife maintenance.  

Sharpening (more common) double bevel knives has its specifics, but sharpening traditional Japanese single bevel knives is a whole other beast. You'll learn the anatomy of single bevel knives, the advantages, and disadvantages of using them. We touch on different kinds of steel, the construction, and the geometry of the blade. You'll be introduced to the terminology (simplified for easier understanding) and the tools required in the sharpening process. We'll guide you through the sharpening steps and we'll even add some hacks and tips for good measure.

To finish up, we'd like to share a wise thought our Luka thought of and everyone at SharpEdge lives by: “Knowledge is like shit –  if you spread it around wisely, it’s fertilizer.” 

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