Yoshida Hamono Nakiri Suj-2 170mm (6.7")
Yoshida Hamono Nakiri Suj-2 170mm (6.7")
Yoshida Hamono Nakiri Suj-2 170mm (6.7")
Yoshida Hamono Nakiri Suj-2 170mm (6.7")
Yoshida Hamono Nakiri Suj-2 170mm (6.7")
Yoshida Hamono Nakiri Suj-2 170mm (6.7")

'Yoshida Hamono'

Yoshida Hamono Nakiri Suj-2 170mm (6.7")


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Knife Description

Nakiri is an excellent knife for chopping vegetables on a cutting board. Kuro-uchi series from Yoshida Hamono are traditional Japanese rustic knives. Its price is very affordable for the quality of a hand-forged knife. It is suitable for the first purchase of a traditional Japanese knife. The blade is forged in SUJ-2 steel, which offers incredible capacities, hardness is 63-64 HRC, and at the same time, the knife is very easy to resharpen. The blade needs some extra care. After use rinse it well and dry it. The name of kuro-uchi refers to the final look of the blade, which is unprocessed on the top and has already developed dark patina, which protects the blade. The handle is made from Magnolia wood with a plastic ferrule. The handle does not have the red sticker applied to it.


This knife was restored to a new-like state.


Blade shape: Nakiri
Steel type: Suj-2
Hardness (HRC scale): 63-64
Overall length: 310mm (12.2")
Blade length:
170mm (6.7")
Blade height:
49mm (1.9")
Spine thickness: 2.0mm (0.08")
Weight: 165g (5.8oz)
Handle/tang length: 129mm (5.1")
Handle type/wood:
Blacksmith: Yoshida Hamono
Country of manufacturing: Japan


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