Yoshida Hamono Damascus Gyuto ZDP-189 210mm (8.5")
Yoshida Hamono Damascus Gyuto ZDP-189 210mm (8.5")
Yoshida Hamono Damascus Gyuto ZDP-189 210mm (8.5")
Yoshida Hamono Damascus Gyuto ZDP-189 210mm (8.5")
Yoshida Hamono Damascus Gyuto ZDP-189 210mm (8.5")
Yoshida Hamono Damascus Gyuto ZDP-189 210mm (8.5")
€ 550.00

Yoshida Hamono Damascus Gyuto ZDP-189 210mm (8.5")

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Knife Condition


Knife Description

Yoshida Hamono 210mm*47mm Gyuto, ZDP-189 core steel, 3-layer stainless Damascus clad, octagonal Morado Wa (=handle). This is the finest ZDP-189 Gyuto you will find. Great heat treatment (~66 HRC, liquid nitrogen austenitization), in-house made Damascus cladding, forge-welded to the core steel layer. The knife features a gentle mirror polish with a golden touch from the Shigane lines. The lacquered handle is perfectly smooth but still grippy and the blonde Pakka ferrule is sealed off really well. The fit and finish is all around impeccable, it's a sparkling joy to look at. This absolute treasure will last you for life due to the insane edge retention of ZDP-189 core, with 20% chromium and 3% carbon is stain-resistant, hard and takes an incredibly fine edge close to white #1. The knife is new, unused (no cutting test, no sharpening), and thus in 100% mint condition. I paid 440€ + 140€ (VAT + taxes + import fee) for it (original invoice included) when I imported it from Canada to Germany in June 2021. I'm only selling it because the height is insufficient for me and I do not like the feel of the choil (100% subjective). This gyuto wants to get to work though -- go on and grab it! ;).


No imperfections.

About The Maker

I am Daniel, a chemistry Ph.D. student from Germany and relatively new to the Japanese knife game. I own and use a 210mm Shirogami #1 Gyuto that stays insanely sharp throughout all prep, except until 10s after cutting tomatoes, when the acid dulls the edge. Frustratedly, I have since wanted to change to ZDP-189, but did not find a good option yet, so I settled with a Kobayashi 240mm SG2 laser for now. I'm a cooking enthusiast and love knifes for the work they do.


Blade shape: Gyuto
Steel type: ZDP-198 core, stainless Damascus clad
Hardness (HRC scale): 65-67
Overall length: 365mm (14.4")
Blade length:
216mm (8.5")
Blade height:
47mm (1.9")
Spine thickness: 2.1mm (0.08")
Weight: 164g (5.8oz)
Handle/tang length: 141mm (5.6")
Handle type/wood:
Octagonal Wa / Morado lacquered, Pakka ferrule
Blacksmith: Yoshida Hamono
Country of manufacturing: Japan


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