Tojiro Deba Aogami#2 210mm (8.3")
Tojiro Deba Aogami#2 210mm (8.3")
Tojiro Deba Aogami#2 210mm (8.3")
Tojiro Deba Aogami#2 210mm (8.3")
Tojiro Deba Aogami#2 210mm (8.3")
Tojiro Deba Aogami#2 210mm (8.3")
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Tojiro Deba Aogami#2 210mm (8.3")

Knife Condition


Knife Description

Tojiro Deba Aogami #2 is designed for fish lovers and professional chefs. The blade thickness is at hefty 7mm (0.28"), the blade length is 210 (8.3"), so it is suitable for filleting bigger fish. The knife handle is made from traditional magnolia wood with the ferrule from buffalo horn. It will be difficult to find a more traditional, classic deba knife than this one! The blade will develop patina! The knife is forged from Aogami #2 steel, a hardness of around 62-63 HRC, and is intended for the more demanding user who can handle and take care of it. The advantage of such a steel is that it has a very fine, gentle sharpness, is easy to sharpen, and stays sharp for a very long time. Ballistol oil is recommended for the care of such blades.


Small rust spots on hira and urasuki. It doesn't have the original box it came with.

About The Maker

Tojiro is one of the top 5 largest Japanese kitchen knife manufacturers. They are renowned across Japan and internationally for their top-quality knives for a reasonable price. Tojiro's focus on advanced technologies, together with their insatiable dedication to constant improvements of their knives and materials, makes Tojiro's knives a must-have in any kitchen. Tojiro's main focus? Sharpness! A big bonus is their great team which we are always very eager to meet and talk to!


Blade shape: Deba
Steel type: Aogami#2
Hardness (HRC scale): 61-62
Overall length: 370mm (14.6")
Blade length:
210mm (8.3")
Blade height:
60mm (2.4")
Spine thickness: 7.3mm (0.29")
Weight: 405g (14.3oz)
Handle/tang length: 145mm (5.7")
Handle type/wood:
Magnolia&buffalo horn
Blacksmith: Tojiro
Country of manufacturing: Japan


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