Tanaka Yanagiba Damascus Aogami#2 240mm (9.5")
Tanaka Yanagiba Damascus Aogami#2 240mm (9.5")
Tanaka Yanagiba Damascus Aogami#2 240mm (9.5")
Tanaka Yanagiba Damascus Aogami#2 240mm (9.5")
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Tanaka Yanagiba Damascus Aogami#2 240mm (9.5")

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Knife Description

Tanaka Yanagiba Damascus 240mm is a traditional Japanese knife. Due to its long and thin blade, it is mainly used for cutting thin slices of raw fish (ideal for sushi lovers), and also for cutting large pieces of meat (eg steaks). The knife is chisel ground (single bevel) and is suitable only for right-handed users. The blade is forged in Aogami #2 Blue steel, one of the most preferred steels by Japanese sushi chefs. High-carbon steels need more maintenance as they quickly develop a protective patina, and if not washed and wiped dry after every use, they will develop rust. The Aogami #2 core is sandwiched into 17-layers of gorgeous Damascus pattern revealed by polishing with natural Japanese stones, which makes every yanagiba a one-of-a-kind!


This knife is missing kanji and the stamp on the backside (urasuki) isn't complete. We polished the knife with Japanese natural stones and fingerstones.

About The Maker

Read more about Shigeki Tanaka here.


Blade shape: Yanagiba
Steel type: Aogami#2
Hardness (HRC scale): 61-62
Overall length: 330mm (13.0")
Blade length:
225mm (8.9")
Blade height:
31mm (1.2")
Spine thickness: 3.3mm (0.13")
Weight: 105g (3.7 oz)
Handle/tang length: 60mm (2.4")
Handle type/wood:
without handle
Blacksmith: Shigeki Tanaka
Country of manufacturing: Japan


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