Suncraft Burja - Proscuttio Knife SG2 300mm (11.8")
Suncraft Burja - Proscuttio Knife SG2 300mm (11.8")
Suncraft Burja - Proscuttio Knife SG2 300mm (11.8")
Suncraft Burja - Proscuttio Knife SG2 300mm (11.8")
Suncraft Burja - Proscuttio Knife SG2 300mm (11.8")
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Suncraft Burja - Proscuttio Knife SG2 300mm (11.8")

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Knife Description

Burja [pronounced as 'booryah'] is a prosciutto slicer knife. Burja is a knife of our own creation - we love good knives, we love good prosciutto, and good prosciutto should be sliced by hand using the sharpest knife around. Burja is the first Japanese-made prosciutto knife. Designed by SharpEdge, forged by Japanese smithy Suncraft, based in the famous blacksmith town of Seki, made of Japanese steel and optimized for cutting prosciutto. No one has ever paid so much attention to making a knife that will meet all the needs of cutting prosciutto. It is especially difficult to make a universal knife since there are a lot of different types of prosciutto, as well as there are many cutting techniques to slice it. But no worries - Burja is not just a knife for cutting prosciutto. Because of its harder, but still flexible blade, it can be used for cutting other dry meats as well. And due to its thin and long blade profile, it will perform well as a slicer for larger pieces of meat and fish. The shape of Burja is unique, although at first sight resembles other prosciutto knives. It has an extremely thin spine of the blade at 1.8mm. Zero grind edge helps the knife to glide smoothly when making longer cuts. The blade is 300mm (11.8") long and finishes with a thin, pointy tip, revealing its origins and traditions of blacksmiths that were once forging katanas. The profile of the blade is not completely straight. The slight curvature of the sharp edge reduces the point of contact, which greatly eases the cutting. Flexibility is necessary to some extent, but we have opted for somewhat more rigid flexibility with Burja since this makes it more versatile and suitable for many different types of prosciutto, and at the same time excels when cutting other large pieces of dried meats and other proteins. This Burja is made of SG2/R2 powder steel hardened to around 62-63 HRC, which means it will stay sharp for a very, very long time. The composition and microstructure of the steel provide extremely fine and smooth sharpness. This knife features a matte, unpolished finish with a very pronounced line at the bottom of the blade that indicates the border between the two softer, outer layers of steel, and the strong SG2 core steel, seen exposed at the very edge of the blade. We love the geometry and the slim profile, so we recommend it to all cooks, regardless if you are a professional chef or a passionate home cook. The handle attached to the SG2 Burja is universal and easy to maintain. A beautiful, dark brown, octagonal-shaped pakka wood handle sits well in your hands regardless if you are left- or right-handed. Pakka wood is a mixture of laminated wood and epoxy resin which is highly durable and will not get stained easily.


This knife has some scratches from use.


Blade shape: Burja (slicer)
Steel type: SG2
Hardness (HRC scale): 62-63
Overall length: 430mm (16.9")
Blade length:
300mm (11.8")
Blade height:
24mm (0.9")
Spine thickness: 1.8mm (0.07")
Weight: 130g (4.6oz)
Handle/tang length: 121mm (4.8")
Handle type/wood:
Blacksmith: Suncraft
Country of manufacturing: Japan


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