€ 52.00

Suehiro Sharpening Stone - #1000/#6000

Suehiro combination sharpening stone #1000/6000 can be used to sharpen all kind of knives, made of any type of steel, Japanese or not. This is a medium-hard stone, meaning it will quickly create a slurry during sharpening. Slurry is this paste-like, fresh "compound", full of abrasive grains, produced on the surface of the stones once we start sharpening. It will help us sharpen our knives faster.

Since it is a medium-hard stone, it will also wear out a little faster during sharpening and will need to be flattened more regularly (use flattening stones for that). Before sharpening, soak the stone in water for about 5min.

#1000 grit is a most common, general sharpening granulation (to put a new edge on a blunt knife), while #6000 grit is a fine granulation for the finishing edge and the final polish of the blade. 

Suehiro combination stone includes a non-slip, silicone base stand for safer sharpening, preventing the stone from moving around.

Dimensions: 205 × 52 × 27mm (8.1" x 2.1" x 1.1")