[SET] ZA-18 Damascus - Sujihiki + Santoku + Petty
[SET] ZA-18 Damascus - Sujihiki + Santoku + Petty
[SET] ZA-18 Damascus - Sujihiki + Santoku + Petty
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[SET] ZA-18 Damascus - Sujihiki + Santoku + Petty

ZA-18 Damascus knives by blacksmith Yoshida Hamono are such good lookers, and with great specs under¬†the hood. Featuring 63-layers of Damascus cladding, stain-resistant ZA-18 steel (slightly better specs than the VG-10 steel) hardened to around 61-62 HRC, D-shaped Rosewood handle. What is here not to like? ūüėä

ZA-18 Damascus Santoku 180mm (7.1") is the most popular knife shape in Japanese home kitchens. An easy-to-handle multi-purpose knife for most of your food preparation tasks. Due to the wide blade of the santoku knives, they excel at cutting vegetables.

To complement the veggie-orientated santoku, we added a long and thin sujihiki/slicer knife. ZA-18 Damascus Sujihiki 240mm (9.5") was made for long pulls and precise cuts of meat and fish. The long and narrow blade is particularly useful for slicing meat or boneless fish, or for filleting and skinning fish. The long blade allows the meat or fish to be cut in a single drawing motion, from heel to tip. Think sashimi!

In combination with the ZA-18 Damascus Petty 150mm (5.9"), a smaller, niftier knife for tasks on and off the cutting board, these three knives will cover pretty much all the cutting needs in your home or professional kitchen.

Use & Care:

  • Handwash in warm water and towel dry
  • Use a sharpening stone (not a honing steel!) to sharpen your knife
  • Do not cut frozen foods and meat bones
  • Do not put the knife in a dishwasher
  • Read our comprehensive guide on proper¬†Maintenance of Kitchen Knives.

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