Sakai Takayuki Gyuto Swedish Steel 270mm (10.6")
Sakai Takayuki Gyuto Swedish Steel 270mm (10.6")
Sakai Takayuki Gyuto Swedish Steel 270mm (10.6")
Sakai Takayuki Gyuto Swedish Steel 270mm (10.6")
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Sakai Takayuki Gyuto Swedish Steel 270mm (10.6")

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Knife Description

If you are looking for a workhorse made from Bohler-Uddeholm Swedish steel, you've come to the right place. The blade length of 27cm will make short work of anything that ends up on the cutting board. The knife is featuring a monosteel construction with western handle made from composite material. The width of 52mm will provide enough knuckle clearance. The blade is ground very thinly and features a distal taper.


It was used for testing few times, but it's in new-like condition.

About The Maker

The Sakai Takayuki cutlery is made in the town of Sakai and boasts a rich history that goes back 600 years. It is widely used and loved in traditional Japanese cuisine. Sakai Takayuki offers many different models made of various materials and all of its knives are handcrafted by renowned masters. In Japan, the title “master” or traditional artisan is approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and conferred only upon craftsmen who inherited and perfected their knowledge.


Blade shape: Gyuto
Steel type: Bohler-Uddeholm Swedish Steel
Hardness (HRC scale): 60 HRC
Overall length: 395mm (15.6")
Blade length:
270mm (10.6")
Blade height:
52mm (2.0")
Spine thickness: 2.3mm (0.09")
Weight: 260g (9.2oz)
Handle/tang length: 115mm (4.5")
Handle type/wood:
Composite plastic
Blacksmith: Sakai Takayuki
Country of manufacturing: Japan


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