MvE Knives Kiridashi AEB-L 45mm (1.8")
MvE Knives Kiridashi AEB-L 45mm (1.8")
MvE Knives Kiridashi AEB-L 45mm (1.8")
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MvE Knives Kiridashi AEB-L 45mm (1.8")

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Knife Description

A handmade Kiridashi by a young talented knife maker MvE Knives. It's made from AEB-L steel hardened to 61HRC. It's a well-crafted knife with a lot of focus on detail. These are all ground for right-hand users.

In Japan, a Kiridashi is widely used in school for cutting paper and pencil sharpening. They are also traditionally used for pruning bonsai and other small trees. The knife shape enables easy grip and can be used for all kinds of different tasks. The main advantages of the Kiridashi are the control over the blade tip and its strength, the possibility of a reverse grip, and the pull-cut technique to manipulate the material we're cutting (such as leather or cardboard) in a controlled manner. As mentioned it allows for diverse grips for different types of cutting and most importantly, the knife fits well into the palm of your hand (suitable for right-handed users only!). It is basically a great work knife that every workshop and craftsman should own.


No imperfections.

About The Maker

I am Mark van Elteren, a 20-year-old knifemaker from Slovenia. I make knives in a small workshop and do everything myself, from profiling, drilling, grinding, heat-treating, and handle construction to final sharpening. I use high-quality materials and strive to make the best knives I possibly can. I make kitchen, outdoor and folding knives, both in western and Japanese-inspired designs.


Blade shape: Kiridashi
Steel type: AEB-L
Hardness (HRC scale): 61
Overall length: 150mm (5.9")
Blade length:
45mm (1.8")
Blade height:
2.6mm (0.1")
Spine thickness: 2.3mm (0.09")
Weight: 50g (1.8oz)
Handle/tang length: 100mm (3.9")
Handle type/wood:
Blacksmith: MvE Knives
Country of manufacturing: Slovenia


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