Mcusta Gentleman Damascus Series [3 variants]
Mcusta Gentleman Damascus Series [3 variants]
€ 195.00

Mcusta Gentleman Damascus Series [3 variants]

Mcusta's Gentleman Damascus Series are pocket folding knives made of VG-10 steel (60 HRC) with a 33-layered Damascus pattern on the blade. The blade lock used to prevent the blade from opening is called the "FRAME LOCK" - this means that the lock is integrated into the handle.

There are 3 variants available in the Gentleman series. All three knives feature a belt clip and a micarta handle in different wood variants. Blade length is at 70mm (2.8"),  handle 95mm (3.7") with the total length of 165mm (6.5").

  • Black Micarta
  • Stamina Wood
  • Indian Rosewood

Mcusta's folding knife can be a great gift to someone special - your best friend, your dearest, or your dad. Just don't forget to attach a coin to your gift.✌️

About Mcusta Zanmai:

Mcusta Zanmai has an interesting (and very high tech) philosophy of knife manufacturing. With their 800-year tradition of making knives, they decided to incorporate traditional knife craftsmanship knowledge into their own custom-made machines. Mcusta is the only knife manufacturer who uses laser machines to cut out the knives, instead of stamping the knives out of the steel sheet. Due to this process, their blades are less susceptible to structural stresses in the steel, making them the most innovative and modern knife maker in Japan.

Handles and pins are milled to the precision of 1/1000mm with their high-quality CNC machines. Every knife is then inspected and assembled by hand. The final (sharp) edge is sharpened by Mcusta's team of master craftsmen to get a very good out-of-the-box sharpness.

☝️ Fun fact: Mcusta is a made-up word - a combination of Machine and custom!