Matija Bunka 1095 155mm (6.1")
Matija Bunka 1095 155mm (6.1")
Matija Bunka 1095 155mm (6.1")
Matija Bunka 1095 155mm (6.1")
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Matija Bunka 1095 155mm (6.1")

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Knife Condition


Knife Description

I forged the knife by hand from 1095-high carbon steel made in Germany. The knife was heat treated using the hamon technique so that the upper part of the blade is relatively soft and the lower part is very hard. I used deer antler and wenge wood to make the handle. The handle is oval-shaped and feels very nicely in the hand.


No imperfections.

About The Maker

I am a 21 years old metallurgy student from the small town of Železniki in Slovenia. I started forging when I received a blacksmith’s forge on my 16th birthday. Since then, I have gained many new skills and made great progress in forging and knife making. I really enjoy making knives so if ever there will be an opportunity I would really like to turn this hobby into my full-time job.


Blade shape: Bunka
Steel type: 1095 steel
Hardness (HRC scale): 60
Overall length: 310mm (12.2")
Blade length:
155mm (6.1")
Blade height:
40mm (1.6")
Spine thickness: 3.5mm (0.14")
Weight: 135g (4.8oz)
Handle/tang length: 140mm (5.5")
Handle type/wood:
Wenge wood, antler
Blacksmith: Matija Benedičič
Country of manufacturing: Slovenia


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