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"Home Sharpener v2" Sharpening Set

The "Home Sharpener v2" sharpening set includes all the tools needed to properly sharpen our knives (Japanese or not). This set is suitable for both sharpening rookies and as well as those with prior sharpening experience.

The only difference between our "Home Sharpener" set is that this set does not include the flattening stone. The #240 grit side can be used as a flattening stone if we do not use it for sharpening.

This set includes two combination sharpening stones. The coarse #240 grit should only be used on damaged knives, or for really blunt edges, or for flattening other stones. Most often we start our sharpening process on the #800 grit stone, which is used for general sharpening. Don't forget to attach the Angle Guide clip on the blade, so it will keep the same angle (approx at 16°) during sharpening. Once we achieve a good burr across the whole length of the blade, we proceed to the #3000 grit stone and repeat the process. Finally, the #8000 grit will give us that extra polish and super sharp edge. We finalize our sharpening process with the Leather strop, which will remove any remnants of the burr and give us the desired smooth, fine sharpness. 

"Home Sharpener v2" Sharpener Set includes the following items:

- SHARPENING STONE - #240/#800
SHARPENING STONE - #3000/#8000

Knife Sharpening Guide

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