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"Home Basic" Sharpening Set [1000/6000]

Home Basic sharpening set [#1000/6000] has all the essentials needed to keep your knives (Japanese or not) in good shape. This set is suitable for anyone who is starting to learn sharpening technique on a sharpening stone, or for those in need of a good sharpening set without breaking the bank.

☝️ The only difference between this set and our Home Basic [#1000/3000] set is in the granulation of the finer stone. This set includes a finer #6000 grit stone, which works better with Japanese knives made from high-carbon steels. High-carbon steel has a more homogenous microstructure, so it can be sharpened with finer stones, even if you are a beginner. If you own mainly stainless steel knives, we recommend rather taking the Home Basic [#1000/3000] set - the most commonly used grit combination for knife sharpening.

We start our sharpening process on the #1000 grit stone, which is used for general sharpening. Don't forget to attach the Guide clip on the blade, so it will keep the same angle (approx at 16°) during sharpening. Once we achieve a good burr across the whole length of the blade, we proceed to the #6000 grit stone and repeat the process. Once we get a burr on the finer stone, we finalize our sharpening process with the Leather strop, which will remove any remnants of the burr and give us the desired smooth, fine sharpness.

For that extra polish and super sharp edge we recommend our Home Sharpener set which includes another stone with a finer grit (#8000). Having two combination stones also means less wear and longer usage of your stones.

Home Basic [#1000/6000] set includes the following items:

- SHARPENING STONE - #1000/#6000

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