Hokiyama Magnolia Buffalo Horn 130mm (5.12")
€ 40.00

Hokiyama Magnolia Buffalo Horn 130mm (5.12")

Handle Description

The handle is made by Hokiyama from magnolia wood and buffalo horn ferrule.

To insert the knife, heat the tang of the knife and then push the handle on the tang. You can use a few hammer strikes on the handle to help it reach the machi. You can widen the hole with a heated tang all the way to the horn. The handle can also be additionally secured by installing wooden wedges after the blade is installed.

Handles are sold separately.


Overall length: 130mm (5.12")
Diameter (long*short)
Hole depth: 123mm (4.84")
Hole width
3.7mm (0.15")
Hole length
12mm (0.47")
Weight: 30g (1.1oz)
Materials: Magnolia&Buffalo horn
Country of manufacturing: Japan

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