€ 40.00

Handle replacement [service]

As there are practically no left-handed chefs in Japan (most chefs are taught to use the right hand for cutting, even if they are left-handed), it means that some Japanese knives in our collection have asymmetrical handle shapes, designed to better fit in the hand of a right-handed user. While the asymmetrical handle will still fit quite well into the hand of the left-handed chef, some prefer to have a left handed handle. For a fee, we can replace the handle to a left-handed handle.

We can also replace a handle for you if you would simply prefer to replace a stock handle for a more special one.

Please contact us at info@sharpedgeshop.com for more details. We will send you pictures of the handles we have in stock so you can decide which color and type of wood would you like to have on your Japanese knife.