BBQ Konro Grill [round]
€ 105.00

BBQ Konro Grill [round]

This small and portable Konro grill is perfect for taking on picnics and for home dinners for 2-4 people. At home, it can be placed directly on the tabletop, within reach of your guests who can grill as they please fresh meat, marinated fish, or vegetables. Due to its size, you can take it on camping trips or to the local park for a picnic. Simply fill the Konro grill with preheated charcoil and start grilling!

Konro barbecues are traditional Japanese grills from Kaginushi, made from Diatomaceous earth, a type of powder made from the sediment of fossilized algae found in water. Diatomaceous earth is porous, allowing high thermal insulation and high resistance to fire. It emits infrared rays that promote immediate cooking without altering the umami flavors the food contains. Cooking with a charcoal Konro grill will bring out the umami of the ingredients to the maximum.


  • Diameter (on top): 23.5cm (9.3")
  • Diameter (at the bottom): 18.5cm (7.3")
  • Height: 16.5cm (6.5")
  • Weight: 2.4kg (5.3 lbs)