Hokiyama Ginsanko Set [20% OFF]

Hokiyama smithy made these two knives just for us. We asked them to combine their proven blade shapes (kiritsuke and petty) and stainless steel (Ginsanko, hardness at 63 HRC!), then match it with a timeless rosewood handle known for its durability and comfortable grip.
It’s a nice combo, don’t you think? 😍

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This set will not be available on our Black Friday sales.Β 
Promo lasts until Nov 25 end of the day.
Hokiyama set -20%
Single knife -15%

Kiritsuke knives were primarily intended only for the head sushi chef. While the blade profile is slightly flatter than gyuto knives, it is still a multifunctional knife, suitable for everyday use since 210mm (8.3") blade length is an optimal size for chopping vegetables as well as cutting larger pieces of meat and fish.

A petty knife should be an essential part of every kitchen. We need a smaller knife for all those tasks where our main, larger knife is just too big and unwieldy. The 135mm (5.3”) blade length is a perfect match for a 210mm (8.3”) kiritsuke.